New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions Meeting | November 18, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions. Click Here NHARPC is a non governmental organization that coordinates the activities of the 9 regional planning commissions. It maintains strategic partnerships with various state and federal agencies and develops planning policies, programs, legislative positions, responses to topical issues, and special projects and initiatives working on behalf of its member commissions.

This meeting convened on 11/18/13 at the Local Government Center in Concord and began at 1:30 pm

00:00 Introductions; review of agenda; review of September 4, 2013 meeting minutes; Ken Ortmann reports on SB 185 Housing Policy and Regulation; reports presentation by Ben Frost regarding potential Legislative changes as it applies to the NH Housing Authority; inhibiting development of housing; reports on mobile home taxes;

05:00 Report on mobile home taxes; responses to legislative changes; NHMA (NH Municipal Authority); Kerrie Diers, Nashua Regional Planning Commission Executive director reports on NHMA meeting; UNH survey; collected brochures; NHMA attendance; Legislative Priority Goals; members serving on the legislative committee; preparing for January; goal of increased participation of Commissioners; Click Here for Agenda

10:00 National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Assessment; statewide consultant interviews; Regional Planning Commission's evaluation of public perceptions; compiling a report; annual commissioners conference planning; training; spring 2015; motion to authorize committee to plan for a commissioners annual conference; discussion- details;

15:00 Discussion- details of conference; objectives; commissioner networking; comparisons to NHMA conference; social event; empowering commissioners to be more involved; cost of venue;

20:00 Vote taken to go forward with Commissioner Conference initiative; improving RPC's communication with public, Executive Council; Governor; utilizing RPC websites; NHARPC's initiative to further commissioner involvement ; Statewide Education Initiative; expanding association membership; proposal to wave membership dues with NHARPC in return for waving NHMA dues; discussion- expanding membership within the NHARPC, using NHMA's Law Election program model to create an annual conference;

25:00 2014 Legislative session; LSR review; Nancy Johnson- reports; 18 LSR's; review of planning related LSR; Senate LSR's; NHARPC legislative subcommittee;

30:00 Discussion- LSR's review; wetland buffers; Town Zoning ordinances; BIA; Business and industry Association working with RPC's;

35:00 Repealing RPC's; tax exemption for water and air pollution control facilities; relative of accepting grants by state agencies; prohibiting political subdivision funds being used to fund lobbyists; allocations for highway funds; management of hazard waste; municipal enforcement of land use ordinances; rural affairs study committee; housing finance authority and surplus land and housing program; economic development; discussion- Hookset NH- funding public private partnerships regarding water and sewer funding arrangements;

40:00 Sewer commissions reimbursement process; municipal bonding of broadband infrastructure; Representative Scott Burns presents Hazard Waste (paint) disposal control Legislation; Oregon program;

45:00 Hazardous wastes legislative proposal; municipal hazardous waste days; Paint Care; steel can recycling; Statewide program; RPC involvement; collection process;

50:00 Cost of reclaiming used paint; retailers that oppose; regional collections; state involvement; oil recycling; composting; other recycled items; calculating landfill space saved by removing latex paint from waste stream; Lowe's; Home depot;

55:00 Funding the waste paint control proposal; retail involvement; Navy CHRIMP program; Hazmat pharmacy; reutilization; DOD; DES role; Nation Resource Recovery; RPC's role;

1:00:00 Representative John Cebrowski, presents upcoming legislation; Legislative Service Request- (LSR) he proposes; economic development;

1:05:10 Cebrowski- Competition between States; job growth; NH Economic Development Advisory Council 2011-2012 EDAC; elevating DRED; NH Department of Resources and Economic Development;

1:10:00 Cebrowski- DRED maximizing funding impact; effectiveness of EDAC; EDAC expectations, promotion; operating plan versus vision statement; workforce readiness; training; public private partnerships regarding business and government;

1:15:00 Cebrowski- Operating plan; tasking; results; growing the state economy; collaboration with other economic agencies; (battery change); State Development plan;

1:20:00 Integrated economic development; adding LSR tasks without accounting for funding for it; Ben Frost NH Housing- LSR establishing a study committee for Workforce Housing issues; new LSR title: 2415, relative to workforce housing grants;

1:25:00 Ben Frost, NH Housing lists sponsors; John Burt; Jane Cormier; Sam Cataldo; developing an affiliate group with NH planners Association; public access to updated LSR information and text;

1:30:00 Process of LSR’s; NHARPC association with NH Municipal Association; report of meeting; services offered by NHMA; Local Government Center; NHARPC benefiting from services; planned meeting between NHARPC and NHMA; effective partnerships with NHMA; Judy Silva; health insurance; property and liability;

1:35:00 Health Trust; successful lobbying organization; legal services; NHMA booth; discussion of membership with the NHMA;

1:40:00 discussion- attending upcoming meeting with the NHMA; Motion made to authorize Kenn Ortmann to attend conference with NHMA; discussion- next meeting date;

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