Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization, Technical Advisory Committee Meeting | October 3, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Advisory Committee. Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization (SMPO) held their monthly Technical Advisory Committee on Friday, October 3. Topics discussed included the Transportation Improvement Program, the Transportation and Alternatives Program regional project scoring, the schedule and timeline of tasks for the upcoming fiscal year, scenic byways, and other community updates. Shayna Sylvia, Communication and Outreach Specialist and Title VI Coordinator, shared the Title VI Goals and Accomplishments Report with the group and explained some goals for 2015. Goals included setting up a Citizens Advisory Group, staying current on outreach through trainings and webinars, reaching out to Limited English Proficiency populations via the Dover Adult Learning Center classes, and creating a series of 'Transportation 101' handouts.

The meeting was held at the Rochester Community Center on 10/3/14, 150 Wakefield Street, Suite 12, conference room 1a and began at 9:00 am.

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