Strafford RPC Executive Meeting | November 15, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the New Hampshire Strafford Regional Planning Commission's executive meeting. The executive board has the duty to oversee the functioning of the Regional Planning Commission, its internal operations and budget. The Board meets at the Rochester Community center 150 Wakefield Rd, Suite 12 and it began at 8:00am.

00:01 Review and approval of previous meeting minutes, Oct. 18, 2013; William Connor offers corrections; addition of Sandra Keans formatting of evaluation process; motion to accept amended minutes; motion to accept October 18th EXE meeting minutes as amended; No monthly minor revisions; SRPC organization goals review and discussion;

05:00 SRPC organizational goals review and discussion; process of evaluations; executive director goals; creating a consistent framework; review of items and format; capacity building; hazard mitigation example; focus areas; organizational capacity building; Cynthia Copeland, Exe. Director reviews; cyclical processes; recurrent planning activities;

10:00 Statewide Data Assessment acronyms; SDES exchange; creation of performance measures; discussion of properly measuring tasks; carrying items into a quarterly assessment; qualitative versus quantitative; executing one time regional planning activities on budget and on schedule; grants; contracts; capturing routine items;

15:00 Identifying grant funding sources; organizational goals; Exe. Director goals; outreach efforts; utilizing HR director; provide full compliant fiscal management; dues paying members; promoting active partnerships; bringing back dues paying members; exe. director goals versus organizational goals; judging the exe director regarding specific goals; global view; showing RPC’s as valuable to member communities;

20:00 Goals of SRPC regarding, encouraging member towns to pay dues; proposing strategy designed by Exe. Director; commissioners handbook; framework for evaluation; overarching strategic goals; additions to commissioners handbook; Commissioners goals; process of updating handbook; HR directors task in compiling handbook; review of draft of handbook; reviewing changes to handbook; feedback of Commissioners handbook to Exe. board before revisions to handbook;

25:00 Input of Exe board regarding Commissioners Handbook; Commissioners review; refreshing existing documents on a regular interval; Drafting an email to accomplish review of handbook with input from Exe. Board; outreach efforts; focus on redesign of website; social media certifications; adding new capacity and functions; flow of SRPC emails to commissioners; APA American Planning Association Webinar's; fiscal impact analysis webinar;

30:00 Professional development program; employee handbook; commissioners handbook annual update; special focus areas; 10 year plan; strategic plan assessment; performance measures; GACIT; acting as a proponent regarding funding; regional communication to state senators; Rochester Chambers of Commerce; economic development; organizing around a formal process of involving member communities; UNH involvement; sporting events;

35:00 Complete streets update example of SRPC responsiveness to member communities; clarifying decision points; roll of SRPC; collaboration with NHDOT; SRPC supporting or opposing positions; determined by the New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions- (NHARPC); working with Senator Watters and other legislators; Exit 10; complete streets update for Route 108;

40:00 Feedback on GACIT hearing; commissioner of GACIT hearing- involvement of local businesses; assessment exercise; assessment exercises; team of 6 people- list of 37 people; elected officials; governors office; HHS; office of emergency management; non profits; exercise funded by the National Association of Development Organizations; NADO; Click Here for NADO funded by SRPC HUD Grant process;

45:00 Process of exhibiting SRPC successes; NADO interviews for creating stakeholder teams to leverage influence; stakeholders, non profits and other entities funded by NADO; also funded by SRPC HUD grant process; critical June completion; cultural funding changes; endorsing organizational objectives; assessment exercise; mention of a non public- “not at that point yet”- Cynthia Copeland; new commissioner of the NH Rail authority is "On board"- Sandra Keans;

50:00 NH Rail Authority commissioner; announcement of the NHARPC meeting Monday November 18th 2013; Click Here for the NHARPC meeting report of Agenda of NHARPC meeting; review of LSR’s; Housing policy regulations;

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