Milton School Board Meeting | October 30, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Joint Milton and Wakefield NH School Board meeting from 10/30/13. The boards met at the School Administrative Unit offices and began at 6:00 pm. For information about both schools, visit the School Administration Unit, SAU64 website here

00:30 Public Comment: Ed Comeau,, announces the Common Core Standards Legislative forum that took place in Concord is available for viewing

Click Here to view #1 Dr. Marc Tucker: President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Center on Education and the Economy. Marc Tucker answers his critics and gives a brief overview of the process and importance of the new educational standard he helped design called Common Core.

Click Here to view #2 NH State Board of Education Commissioner Virginia M. Barry, NH Department of Education Superintendent Christine Rath, SAU 8, Cindy C. Chagnon, Member, NH State Board of Education Scott McGilvray, President, NEA- NH Bill Duncan, President, Advancing NH Public Education.

Click here to view #3 Daniel G. Thatcher, JD, Senior Policy Specialist, NCSL Educational Program, presents the national perspective on implementation.

Click here to view #4 Dr. David Pook, a Derryfield School Teacher, provides examples of a Common Core Standard Curriculum assignments in literature. Legislators become his students and are given lessons that are taught in one of his classes.

00:55 Review of previous meeting minutes, 7/31/13, public; discussion- corrections; motion, second and vote to approve unanimous; non public 7/31/13 motion, second, vote to approve, unanimous; 10/1/13 public, motion, 2nd, discussion- Corrections, vote to approve, unanimous;

06:33 Discussion- adding old and new business to future agenda's;

07:56 Michael Tursi, School Administrator, gives a presentation regarding system thinking; communication of a vision; definition of system thinking; focus monitoring, priority, compliance review; SWIFT; school wide integrated framework for transformation; SIG status Schools; evaluation and designation process; State NECAP tests; priority schools designation; minimizing achievement gaps; IEP compliance review; students with disabilities; math and language arts focus; curriculum coordination; SWIFT= national framework of support assisting in coordinating the process of creating school designations; requirements when receiving funding; flexibilities; 7 turn around principles; effective teaching for engaged students; focus support; personalized learning approach; personalized teaching approach; grouping students by interest; student interest inventory process; curriculum development designed around standards; internet accessible curriculum; observing progress; solid curriculum and assessments; local assessment development; Ames Webb skills based assessment; definition of Curriculum and standards; definition of resources; common Core Standards creating consistency throughout school districts; importance of teacher engagement; innovation zones; proximity of schools seen an innovation zones; developing the first rural innovation zone; focused instruction throughout zone; learning to read- reading to learn; support services focussing on literacy; mastering individual competencies; developing competencies; preparing students for whatever they want to pursue after graduating; establishing focus support team; NHDOE involvement in focus support teams; developing curriculum and assessment support teams; CIA teams; process of communicating; importance of strong leadership; process of scheduling teachers for team meetings; grant money funding regarding team development; school board involvement in system thinking development; developing appropriate school board policies supporting system thinking development;

1:07:43 Discussion- placing old business on agenda; motion, 2nd, discussion- process of developing an agenda; setting agendas; providing relevant information when adding agenda items; motion passes unanimously.

1:10:12 Enrollment numbers report; State reporting; Milton; Paul School; reduced enrollment numbers; discussion- drop out rates; age of dropping out;

1:13:56 Steve Brown requests that a special meeting be adjourned ASAP regarding the details of Common Core Standards; Heather Gage, NHDOE; Anne Marie Banfield from Cornerstone; motion, 2nd for discussion; importance of hearing proponents and opponents of common core; goal and purpose of having a meeting with proponents and opponents of the adoption of common core standards; informative work session; discussion- no child left behind, importance of developing curriculum around Common Core, importance of having a complete understanding of Common Core, basic standards versus highest standards, importance of deciding to use Common Core, local control over curriculum, state sovereignty;

1:34:21 Discussion- aligning curriculum to Common Core Standards versus aligning another curriculum that must meet the Common Core Standards (conflict) all curriculum must meet the common core standards; local control over curriculum; State assessments; Vlas- Virtual Learning Academy Schools; discussion- which board members support having an educational work session about Common Core; using Common Core Standards until "something better comes along"; NH Frameworks; motion made to invite Banfield and Gage, 2nd for discussion- understanding Common Core, vote to approve an informational meeting to discuss Common Core;

1:59:58 Discussion- states backing out of using Common Core Standards; scheduling a special meeting at Wakefield to discuss Common Core; inviting Milton School Board to attend;

2:02:40 Discussion- board members researching Common Core; relying on educational professionals to advise boards to adopt or non adopt Common Core Standards; sharing complied Common Core presentations; reporting that NH is already decided to use Common Core Standards; discussion- SAU 64 withdrawal committee; Rochester SAU; area board meetings; Joint board communications; committee investigating Wakefield moving to SAU 54; Boston Red Sox;

2:12:00 Expense report- Andrew D'aGastino; health insurance line item; increases;

2:15:08 1/2 percent increases to staff; salary and benefit schedule; SAU 64 staff salary increases; discussion- details of salary packages, percentages, agreements made in budget work sessions; making a "apples to apples comparison" during decision on salary benefits; forming a committee; inconsistencies between contracts; SSI cost of living adjustment; discussion- pay raises; motion to give 3% increase; amended to 2%; motion made for 2%; 2nd, discussion- amend the motion to 2%; vote on the amendment; effecting town taxpayers; vote to accept the amendment of 2%- amendment failed; further discussion regarding percentages; Wakefield's agreed percentage of 3% across the board; vote to move to 3%; vote passed unanimously; motion to adopt $929,110 SAU 64 budget, 2nd, discussion- 3 employees not getting an increase; some employees getting a 9% raise; fairness to district versus fairness to employees; increases by positions; relying on budget process; adopting the $929,110; vote to approve; vote fails; vote to rescind vote and reconsider; motion to accept $930,513; 2nd, vote to accept; 5 to 4 passes;

3:04:08 Non public per 91a; 3, B

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