Wakefield Facilities Meeting | May 7, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield School Board Facilities Subcommittee meeting from 5/7/14. The board met at the Paul School, 60 Taylor Way and began at 4:00pm. For information about the Paul School, visit the School Administration Unit, SAU64 website, Click Here

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Review of the previous meeting minutes; Click here to view the previous Facilities meeting; Corrections;


Motion [Fogg] to accept previous meeting minutes April 2, 2014 as corrected; Second [Ouellette]; Vote: Unanimous


Request For Proposal (RFP), for tree removal; Bid walk; one bid received; discussion regarding the bidding policy adopted by the Board; Bidding requirements;


Motion [Fogg] to repost RFP; 3 competitive bids; Second: (No Second); discussion regarding the bidding process;


Motion [Ouellette] to reject the one bid for tree removal; Second: [Brown]; Vote: Unanimous; Motion [Fogg] to recommend to the Full School Board to repost the Tree removal RFP; Second: [Brown] Vote: Unanimous


Modular update; testing results of mold caused by leaking roof; Servpro;


Roofing RFP; specification; removal of existing roof;


Motion [Fogg] to recommend to the Full School Board posting of roof RFP; Second: [Brown] for discussion; method and location of posting; Vote: Unanimous


Motion [Brown] to adjourn; Second: [Fogg] Vote: Unanimous.

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