Wakefield Policy Meeting | May 21, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Wakefield School Board (Policy Subcommittee) meeting from 5/21/14. The board met at the Paul School Library, 60 Taylor Way and began at 4:30pm. For information about the Paul School, visit the School Administration Unit, SAU64 website, Click Here

Board operational Goals

School Board Member Evaluation

Superintendent Evaluation

Google Docs Apps protection policy

Data Mining Policy

Opt out policy

Analysis: Complete

Encrypted analysis: t7LIjcxskJmcoghEjtVfa2QdArO59EUG


Motion [Cyr] to accept the March 19, 2014 meeting minutes; Second [Joy]; Vote: Cyr- aye; Joy- aye; Brown- abstain;


Policy BABA; Board operational goals; BAR1; School Board member evaluations;


School Board member evaluations; Motion [Brown] to un adopt policy BAR1; Second [Joy] for discussion;


Importance of member evaluations; Process of creating evaluations; Goal Setting;


Chair call for the vote to un adopt policy BAR1; Vote: All those in favor: Brown- aye; All those apposed- Cyr- aye; Joy- aye; Motion to leave the policy in place passes; BAR1 moves as approved by the Policy subcommittee;


Review of policy BGB; policy adoption; Motion [Cyr] to adopt BGB as amended; Second [Joy]; Vote: passes to full board;


Review of policy CBi; School Superintendent evaluation; CFB; discussion regarding CBi; Lockbox to gather input from staff regarding evaluations; Survey Monkey;


Review of policy CFB; building principle evaluation;


Staff comfort level when evaluating the Administration; gathering accurate evaluation input from staff; Communication between Staff and Administration; Amending the policy CFB to add anonymous reporting;


Motion [Brown] to add anonymous questionnaire; No second; Motion fails; agreement between members to bring, anonymous questionnaire, to the full board;


Google Docs Apps protection policy; Data Mining Policy; Opt out policy; iCloud; 3rd party dissemination of information;


School Superintendent, [Tursi] reads the legal requirement regarding the Smarter Balanced Assessments; RSA 193 -c:6; Assessment Required; 193- e:5; pupil identification information;


Parental rights; Comment regarding the law requiring assessment testing;


Motion to adjourn; Second for discussion; clarification regarding the action items discussed; Data mining; opting out/ in of Smarter Balance policy development;

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