Carroll County Administration Subcommittee Meeting | February 24, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation Subcommittee review of the following budgets 2/24/14: Commissioners Office; Administration Building; Human Resources; Human Services; Capital Expenditures. The meeting took place at 95 Water Village Rd, County Complex, Ossipee and began at 10:00 am.

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[Karen Umberger]; [Larry Marino PiF Technologies, DocStar]; presentation of electronic file handling; DocStar; organizing and managing information electronically; back up centers: Andover Massachusetts; Bethlehem Pennsylvania; [Tom Lavender] Cost of system; server and software- $28,000; municipality lease- 60 months- $560 per monthly; further details of proposal; GSA contract; hardware and software bundling; servers; Cybertron; scanning solutions; [Kathy Garry, Business Office]; [Wynette Degroot, Human Resources]; security; [Glen Cordelli]; annotations; sticky notes; deletions; permissions; audit trail functionality; email handling and controls; creating read only documents; [David Sorensen]; work flow module; [John Rich, Cybertron]; connecting adjacent buildings; searchable index; net-connect module versus fiber optics; Net Connect module- $6,000; increasing bandwidth; uploading to DocStar process; Registrar of Deeds separate Document index system; integration with financial software; invoices; redundancy; request for client list;


[Karen Umberger]; [Kathy Garry]; I.T. Budget proposal; I.T. Budget review and discussion; [Tom Lavender]; [Glenn Cordelli]; county wide contracts; CyberTron; Kronos; AS 400 software; I.T. repairs; training; computer expenses; MVC- software; servers; capital expenditures; replacing Jail servers; [Asha Kenney]; I.T. plan; [John Rich]; [David Sorensen]; Matrix Contract (performance audit agreement); networked copiers and scanners; porter office systems; creating a separate I.T. funds; I.T. Committee members; [Wynette Degroot]; I.T. Committee decision making authority;


Cell Phones; [Karen Umberger]; [Glen Cordelli]; lack of consistent cell phone policy; [David Sorensen]; cell phone reimbursement; developing a cell phone policy; process of approval; [Kathy Garry]; number of cell phones being paid for at County; land line use;


County Property Taxes; Ossipee; [Karen Umberger]; [Kathy Garry]; [David Sorensen]; water department; water treatment area; farm; water department; Village Water policy; $100 per quarter; 40 cents per 100 gallons usage fee; individual meters; gas and water metering; admin building; $150 per quarter; sewer; farm salaries; maintenance; time maintenance regarding village water metering; farm current use taxes; proposal- water system enterprise fund; [David Sorensen]; breakout of taxes per building;


Report on Union Negotiations; [David Sorensen]; Karen Umberger; history of non union salary increases; [Kathy Garry]; other county salary surveys; health benefits; family plans; Commissioners Dental Care benefit; [Glenn Cordelli]; request for update on the 2011- 2012 financial audits; back flow valve;

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