Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | June 4, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 6/4/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Analysis: Complete

Encrypted analysis: lixBFSEPYgDy30WAF9rXVEwD4Hxc1EJW


Motion [Babson] to go into non public per RSA 91:a 3, 2, (a) and (c) Second [Sorensen]; Roll Call vote: Babson- aye, Sorensen- aye.


Motion [Sorensen] to return to public; Second [Babson] Roll Call vote taken; Babson- aye; Sorensen- aye; Announcement that the Non Public meeting minutes have been sealed by Roll call vote;


Commissioner Kenney enters the meeting in progress;


Review of previous meeting minutes from May 28, 2014; Corrections; Minutes tabled;


Public comment: Deborah Newlin, Carroll County HR Generalist/Benefits Administrator reads a statement regarding alleged misconduct by Commissioner Kenney;


Public comment: Mellisa Seamans, Commissioner removal process; Commissions course of action regarding the alleged misconduct of Commissioner Kenney;


Babson comments on the accusations against Kenney; Babson calls for the removal of Kenney; Kenney requests for the proof of the allegations made;


Sorensen reads a letter from Representative Mark McConkey regarding his request that Kenney produce the documentation showing employees improperly reported milage on their expense reports;


Kenney responds by discussing a recent 91:a request from Lisa Stewart; Sorensen calls Kenney out of order;


Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun requests clarification on the Censure process; Babson makes a motion to use funding within the Commissioners budget to go to the Superior Court and File a request to have Kenney removed from office; Second [Sorensen]; discussion- Kenney lists alleged improper conduct by Sorensen; Vote; Babson- aye, Sorensen- aye, Kenney- no.


Motion [Babson] to have the Commission vote to censure Kenney; Second [Sorensen]; Babson- aye, Sorensen- aye, Kenney- no, you don't have the authority; Motion passes; HR Director, Wynette DeGroot requests that Kenney be barred from the Business office; Kenney- lack of proof; Kenney- lack of employee cooperation;


Motion [Babson] to restrict Kenney's access to County employees; Second [Sorensen] for discussion; Babson gives his reasoning for the motion; County audit process;


Kenney comments that the Non Public meeting that occurred earlier was not properly posted and that it was illegal.


Howard Chandler, MVC reports on the admission waiting list;


Jason Henry, House of Corrections gives report; Population totals; Thinking for a change class; Parenting classes; Relius in house training; GED testing; 1st shift supervisor position; Corporal Christopher fiandaca moved to rank of Sargent;


Recognition of a HOC officer, Specialist Jonathan Sibya, who assisted in an area house fire; he is being awarded for the medal of honor for saving the life of an area resident. Sibya entered a burning house and rescued the resident and his cat.


Babson proposes transitional housing and assistance for inmates returning to life outside the facility;


Grant review committee; Ed Comeau; Mellisa Seamans; Steve Brown; Pricilla Colbath; Grant Application for the Victim Witness; process of establishing the Grant Review Committee;


Request for an intent to cut; Cooperative Extension; Motion [Babson] to accept the intent to cut; Second [Kenney] Vote: unanimous; Hales Location check signing; Tax lien;


Jason Curtis; logging property damage;


Sorensen discusses the process of sealing Non Public minutes;


Review of April 2, 2014 minutes; Transporting poles for the pole barn from Houston Texas; Discussion of costs; Corrections;


K-9 dog bite;


Motion [Babson] to accept the April 2, 2014 meeting minutes; Second [Sorenson]; Vote: Babson- aye, Sorensen- aye, Kenney- no; Kenney comments that corrections requested by Chris Sawyer, area resident needs to be added to the minutes;


Repeated Motion [Babson] to accept the April 2, 2014 meeting minutes; Second [Sorenson]; Vote: Babson- aye, Sorensen- aye, Kenney- no;


Work session; Babson reports on a retirement dinner he attended; Vocational School; LNA vocational program; Fuel assistance; Kenney comments on the walking trail committee;


Babson comments on using County facilities to produce donuts; Dunkin Donuts; Grants from US department of Agriculture;


Kenney reports that a complaint was received from [Harriet Cady] the sender states that employees of the County are "searching" or "investigating" her background;


Babson reports on the recent Delegation Subcommittee meeting regarding employee compensation; process of posting of the subcommittee meeting; Kenney complains that the meeting was not posted in an obvious location;


Wynette DeGroot, reports on the recent facilities training sessions; Babson reports that their is push back from the new County travel policy;


Public input; Daymond Steer; clarification on the process of Censure; Removal of Kenney from office; Superior Court; Sorensen removes his 2nd that pertains to barring Kenney from interacting with County Staff; Steer asks if Kenney will be going to the Superior Court; Mellisa Seamans asks for an update regarding the 91:a lawsuit between the Ed Comeau of and the County Commissioners;


Motion [Babson] to go into non public per 91:a 3, 2 (a) and (c); Second [Sorensen]; Roll call; Babson- aye, Sorensen- aye; Kenney- aye; reported of a NON meeting with attorney Bailey;


Sorensen reports that the NP minutes have been sealed by Roll Call vote; Reputation, dismissal and compensation;

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