Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | October 22, 2014

Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 10/25/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Public input: Ed Comeau reports that the Communities within the County are complaining that the County tax apportionment has not been completed.


Public input: Steve Brown, Wakefield Resident, questions the process of the commission accepting a Homeland Security grant. Brown reports that he is concerned with a provision within the grant application that allows for data collection.


Commissioner Babson complains that Commissioner Kenney has not attended several meetings. Babson proposes that a commissioner should not get paid if they do not attend meetings.


The Mountain View Community Administrator, Howard Chandler, gives the weekly report and submits his capital budget. He also discusses the restructuring of the clinical coordinator position and requests filling that position from within; Assistant director of nursing; posting within versus a public posting; existing policy of posting jobs to advance existing employees;


MVC: Budget submission and review.


Will Dewitt, Carroll County Farm Supervisor gives report and discusses the farm budget;


Status of digital recorders; Discussion regarding previous non public hearings and schedules; Meeting minutes;


Demolition trash container; Old Mountain View Nursing Home Annex;


Mellissa Seamans, point of order regarding 3rd quarter farm budget numbers.


Anne Aiton, Registrar of Deeds, presents the department budget;


Anne Aiton, Registrar of Deeds continues with the department budget;


Commission review previous meeting minutes; Oct. 8th, 2014; Corrections; Babson notes that Commissioner Kenney missed a portion of the Oct. 8, 2014 and did not notify the board; regarding the MVC administrators evaluation that occurred in Non Public;


Commission lunch break;


Commission returns from lunch. The I.T. Committee presents the I.T. budget and discusses the I.T. infrastructure on the complex.


Commission begins work session; Policy review; [Wynette Degroot, HR]; County personnel committee polices;


Commissioner Sorensen discusses the evaluations that are not completed. Sorensen wants and explanation of why the department heads are not evaluating employees on a timely manner.


Becoming a member of New Hampshire Municipal Authority; Membership Dues; $500.00; Click here to visit the NHMA website;


Hales Location Selectmen meeting; Cooperative Extension New Representative's breakfast; Nepotism policy; performance audit action list; Managed care letter; Sandra Broccar letter; Old Nursing Home Kitchen space; lease terms; Septic system capacities;


Mellissa Seamans: Registrar of Deeds budget vote; 2%; BEAS budget line; County apportionment amounts being delayed; MS42 Form; Probation lease; 3rd quarter financials being online or available; Self Sustaining water department budget; Metering; Fees; Ossipee Valley Fire Department; Water charges; Fairness; Ossipee Village; I.T. Cost;


Discussion regarding reconcile reporting; [Kathy Garry] Business office;


Commission goes into non public; 91-a: 3, 2c; Roll Call Vote; Babson- aye; Sorensen- aye;

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