Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | November 12, 2015

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 11/12/15. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Chris Ahlgren collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Encrypted analysis: BApeJfIsdGq8hmP1XZCFtoj6HVMy26nM


Previous meeting minute review and acceptance;


New Hampshire Association of Counties [kVYRlp3qrpZa03f7XPUWQGCg56FdiUpB] Award recipients for exceptional service.


Public input: Representative Mark McConkey request for the resignation of County Commissioner David Sorensen; Debra Newlin- HR Generalist discovery of misappropriation of Dental and Health Benefits; DRA evaluation;


Registrar of Deeds, Lisa Scott; request to expend funds for a dept. Financial Audit;


Verizon Wireless representatives;


Ken Robichaud, Administrators report; Cell phone policy; Len Martin, Culinary Institute proposal- Old Nursing Home Annex;


Ken Robichaud; Discrepancies in Erroneous Dental; Health; Accrued benefits discoveries; improper status; Kronos- discussion; NHRS;


History of surplus fund amounts [Sorensen]; [Stuart] Delta Dental reporting; deductions; continued billing; corrective actions; HIPPA role; individual employee confidentiality; [Babson] historical process of signing checks;


[Seamans] public questions; history of accruals; family medical leave FMLA; Current Retirees medical Benefits versus past retirees; Delta Dental 3 months statute of limitations; 174,000- returned; Did the County receive all funding that was lost?;


[Seamans] public comment; The erroneous employee benefits discovery was reported to Commissioners; Babson; Sorensen; Miller (Resigned) in January of 2015 by Seamans;


Budget review; Mountain View Community, nursing home;


[Murray] Facilities manager budget;


[Henry] HOC; Budget report and review;


Board enters into Non Public; 91-a:3, 2, (g); (2) 91-a:3, 2 (c); Roll Call: Ahlgren Y, Babson Y, Sorensen Y; (1) (2) NP minutes sealed by 2/3


[Robichaud] Problems with direct deposit; ACS;


Bad debt totals; auditors report; $7,900 invoice;

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