Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | October 18, 2017

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 10/18/17. Commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, and Mark Hounsell, collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Pledge; October 11, 2017 meeting minutes; MV;


Jail consultant contract; Jason Henry; Program evaluations; compensation; MV un table; MV- MOU; alternative solutions associates; 70,200$;


Jason Henry, Jail Superintendent: Jail consultant contract; Program evaluations; compensation; MV un table; MV- MOU; alternative solutions associates; 70,200$;


Jason Henry; Jail Superintendent: DPW; use of Jail inmates for work details; sentencing; Trial; pretrial; Felonies first program; Inmate Intake process;


Jason Henry, Jail Superintendent: Commission discusses lack of jail inmates for Department of Public Works;


Sheriff Dominic Richardi: Repeater tower contract; UTMV; Contract discussion; Two payments per year; 3,000$ every six months; after 3 years; 3,100$;


Funds transfer requests; (Yellow Folder) #11: 42,000$ nursing overtime; excessive call outs; Nursing; LNA's; 300.5140.007 to 300.5140.005 MV #12: Agency: 37,000$; over-expended; 300.5140.007 to 300.5140.023 MV #13: DPW; 650$ Diesel to Gasoline; MV 100.4193.065 to 100.4193.062 MV


Administrator update: Workman's comp program increases; Unemployment compensation; Department head budgets; December 1, 2017 Deadline; Health insurance premiums; additional DPW employee;


Department of Safety; Assistant Commissioner, Robert Quinn: Biography Granite Shield Grant funding; County Sheriff Dominic Richardi; Lieutenant Joseph Ebert; New Hampshire Intelligence Analysis Center; NHIAC; Fusion Center website Jennifer Lemoine; Berlin Police Department; Carroll; Coos Law Enforcement Liaison;


Public comment: John Ruckingbrod; Ossipee Resident; Pharmaceutical industry; READ: Lackawanna County Commission lawsuit


Public comment: Condict Billings; Ossipee Resident; Death of son by overdose; August 12, 2017; Lack of toxicology report; fentanyl; Narcan ; Narcan parties;


Great Northern Networks; County Website RFP;


Virtual Town Hall; County Website RFP;


Commissioners update; [Hounsell] Letter to Governor Sununo; Granite Shield presentation; assisted living feasibility study; Rep. Umberger/ Commissioner Hounsell on air discussion. Request for proposal versus Request for qualifications; MV


Public input; Rep. Ed Comeau; Elderly assisted living study; Health and Human Services; HHS; Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services; BEAS; 2018 Legislation;


Commission enters into Non Public: RSA 91-a: 3 para 2 c; Roll Call; Non meeting occurred;

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