Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | April 4, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 4/4/18. (CCC)

Commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson and Mark Hounsell.

The commission collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Pledge; March 28, 2018 minutes; payroll; polices; internal controls; checkmate time management software; Kronos; Programed time cards; payroll coordinator; payroll manifest; payroll statements; ACS; business office staff workload; administrative assistant; nursing home internal control policy; MV; Parking lot bids; RFP; bonding; work site review; installation of conduit;


MVC Howard Chandler; hiring; nursing staff benefits; unions; holiday packages; retirement affordable healthcare act; retiring nurses LNA PER DEIM 2018; union contract; LNA; RN; compensation Frisbee Hospital;


Offering competitive pay; LNA; RN; Retiring nursing staff; acute care; Frisbee; Genesis; per diem; union contract; Delegation voting union contract down; collective bargaining unit;


CMC; Manchester; agency RN costs; Delegation Nursing home subcommittee; Attorney Elizabeth Bailey; Union contract review; industry need for LPN;


County Association; NHAC; Delegation involvement in hiring process; outside agency cost: $150,000.00 annually;


Tax anticipated note #1 $12,521,328.00 1.69% #2 $2,978,672.00 2.0%; Total: 15,500,00,00 M2V3-0;


Tan document signatures;


Hales Location Administrative Assistant job description; time keeping; $21.00 hourly for 20 hours; tax collector duties;


Business office Administrative assistant; Hales Location job description tax collector approval: M2V3-0; Commissioner Babson appointed as interviewer; ANNEX; [historical] NH Parol Board lease; Mountain View Culinary Academy; MOU Head Start;


Ossipee Head Start; Motion to sign MOU with Ossipee Head Start of Carroll County; M2V3-0; proclamation designating national library week; M2 Discussion; V3-0;


Proclamation designating national library week; M2 Discussion; V3-0; library history; Hales Location; {Babson} School Administrator; Lancaster; Johnny Fritz; Fryeburg; M2V2-0; SHERIFF: USDA Forest Service Grant; Kancamagus patrols;


SHERIFF: USDA Forest Service Grant; Kancamagus patrols; M2V3-0; Administrator updates: UNH hybrid blueberry class; Whitehorse Addiction Center benefit; Conway Daily Sun Easter Bunny prank; easter basket; Carroll County Corrections; public official bonding; performance audit subcommittee meetings; 2014 performance audit;


2018 performance audit; staff involvement; letter of complaint to performance audit subcommittee; M2 Discussion V3-0; managed care upcoming meeting;


Commissioners updates; assisted living study; DRA; capital expense; Joe Kenney; communications network;


communications network; communication towers; Oak Hill tower; Executive Council Joe Kenney; Carroll County Court house letter: jury duty mileage reimbursement; M2V3-0; RSA 23-a: auditing; improperly submitted letter from Delegation requesting items to be audited 2018;


Non public; non meeting; 91-a: 3,2,a 91-a: 3,2,g

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