Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | June 13, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 6/13/18. The commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, and Mark Hounsell, collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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Pledge of Allegiance; Cal to order: Dave Babson; Amanda Bevard; Mark Hounsell; Ken Robishaud; Cheryle Laurent; Nancy Martin;


MOTION: M-Babson To approve the June 6, 2018 meeting minutes 2nd-Hounsell V3-0


Head Start Lease proposal: 5 year lease; Lease review;


Pharmacy Bids: Contract discussion; Auto- renew contract;


Nursing shortage discussion: Wage comparisons; Importance of starting pay rates; Wage surveys;


Adding office and meeting space: Bob Murray, facilities director; Jason Henry, Jail Superintendent; Annex use;


Old Nursing home annex wings; roof leakage;


MOTION: M-Babson ..We allow Jason and Bob to go in there and do whatever they have to do to make it a usable space...(This motion is related to the space needed to create meeting room office space for the House of Corrections, not repairing roof leakage) 2nd-Hounsell V3-0


Discussion of the condition of the annex wings; Cost of repairs to roof; Estimates provided in the past: $500,000.00 to $600,000.00


Direct TV service update: Installation progress; [Used laundry truck purchase; $11,000.00;] Lift installation;


MOTION: M-Hounsell To authorize...the director of purchase the GMC 4500 2007 truck from William [Benedecko] for the amount of $11,000.00...and to further authorize him to purchase tires necessary to make it road worthy...winter road worthy.... 2nd-Babson V3-0


Continued discussion related to the van purchase; Title; Commissioner Bevard's truck condition; Timeline of the installation of Direct TV;


Bereavement policy discussion: Unpaid leave; paid leave; Medical benefits;


MOTION: M-Bevard To accept this...(Bereavement0...policy.. 2nd-Babson V3-0


Travel reimbursement policy discussion;


MOTION: M-Hounsell To accept..with the change of June 16 to June 13... 2nd-Babson-Discussion Administrator reports that he found a business travel policy in the county file, but it was never adopted by the commissioners of the past. #glenncordelli Motion and second withdrawn


MOTION: M-Hounsell Not withstanding with any other policy...validated by commissioners signature...or not..I move that we adopt the travel reimbursement policy dated June 13...(2018) 2nd-Babson-Discussion related to the importance of the enforcement of the policy of employees using the county vehicle. V3-0


Continued discussion related to travel reimbursement;


Sheriff's Department communication tower timber cut; #WendyScribner


MOTION: M-Hounsell I make a motion that we approve the timber sale.. tree removal agreement dated 11 June 2018 and all associated documents required to facilitate said agreement... 2nd-Babson-Discussion Babson reads in the agreement an annotation related to elevation or height to tower. V3-0


MOTION: M-Hounsell We can make a motion to authorize the chairman to sign on our behalf 2nd-Babson V3-0


Administrators update: Haying update; hayed milkweed acreage; Hayed blueberry field; 1,095 bales in storage in the barn; Sold 200 bales so far out of 1,295 bales;


Administrators update: Comprehensive care management for NH high risk high need duel eligible population; NH Association of counties meeting; Virtual PACE model; Using Carroll County as a test site; [medical monitoring system]


MOTION: M-Hounsell I make that motion..that we authorize the administrator to..look into..the opportunities..with PACE..program.. Babson will not second..thinks the motion is not specific enough. Hounsell withdraws motion


MOTION: M-Babson I make a motion that we have Sensisco Systems come in here and give us a presentation and would interface with Strafford... 2nd-Hounsell-Discussion Cost risks and benefits; Maine; Vermont; V3-0


Administrators update: Department heads work on employee procedure and policy manual; Employee handbook scheduled review;


Commissioner updates: [Hounsell] County tax rates down 1.35% from 2016- 2017; Staff work load; limiting work hours; by permission; Salary versus hourly wage; Department of Labor;


MOTION: M-Babson I make a motion that all staff..working in the..commissioners end their work 9 to 5 pm Monday through Fridays..and that any work has to be authorized by the county administrator. 2nd-Babson-Discussion amended motion...Hounsell suggests tabling the original motion and make it a special order of business for June 20, 2018.. V3-0


Commissioner updates: Hounsell: Commissioners report for the annual report; Discussion regarding a comment about the Delegations actions and responsibilities.


Commissioner updates: Babson: NHaCo Sensico monitoring system; Website upgrade progress; Lack of manpower to maintain grounds;


Commissioner updates: Bevard: Creation of new positions; Statutory authority to create positions and job descriptions;


MOTION: M-Babson That we go into non public session #1: per RSA 91-a: 3,2,c and session #2: per RSA 91-a: 3,2,a 2nd-NO AUDIBLE SECOND VRoll-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y

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