Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | July 11, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 7/11/18. The commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, and Mark Hounsell, collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and this meeting began at 8:30 am.

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Pledge of Allegiance;


MOTION: M-Babson To approve the meeting minutes from June 27, 2018 (As amended) 2nd-Hounsell-----Corrections: Eastern Propane contract; V-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Commission signs the Eastern Propane Contract;


Pro Share Funding; Commissioner Meyers; HHS; Changes in formula; Retain 1% return 99%; Retain 60% return 50%: Latest as of July 11, 2018 {Retain 50% return 50%; of the increase over what was received previous year; 1.2 million; Budgeted 1 million; Received 1.527-332,500.00 over previous year; IDN7;


Pro Share Funding; [Hounsell comments:] IDN7; County funds; IDN7: Governance method; 166,000 to IDN7; Board of directors versus elected officials fiduciary responsibility; Dedicating funds to IDN7; Future budget focus; Northern Human Services;


Pro Share Funding; [Babson comments]: Favorable HHS presentation; 90% Return;


Pro Share Funding; IDN7 2017-2018 County Correction $102,000; Whitehorse Addiction Services $134,000; No administrative fees of costs; Bureaucracy; Coos; Grafton; Unelected IDN7 board;


MOTION: M-Babson To not send the money to ...the State..but keep it ourselves...and have control over keep the whole increase , $332,419.50...and we have control over its final destination.... 2nd-Hounsell----- V-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Operation Granite Shield; Awards; $15,000.00; Reimbursement of law enforcement overtime; Lack of funding;


MOTION: M-Babson That we don't accept this money... 2nd-Hounsell-Discussion----- Amended motion: That we accept the grant money....$15,000.00... 2nd-Bevard---- M-Hounsell- to table the motion....[non debatable] V-Babson-Y; Bevard-N; Hounsell-Y;---Motion is tabled...


Operation Granite Shield; Request for a granite shield report; Public and Non public; Awards for each year;


Sheriff Vehicle Contract; Work in progress; Incorrect figures received; Purchasing vehicles outright; Buying out lease agreements;


MVC, Sheriff CBA; Contracts; Delegation "Forgot" to fund the contracts; Administrative assistant position; Union Cards;


MOTION: M-Hounsell That we will sign this as soon as it is funded by the Delegation. 2nd-No second-----


Head Start Lease; Environmental evaluation of the annex building as requested by delegation; Discussion continues at: 1:13:55


Hales Location/Fryeburg Academy Contract; Hounsell recuses MOU signature;


MOTION: M-Bevard To sign the MOU with Hales Location and Fryeburg Academy and the Carroll County Commissioners... 2nd-Babson----- V-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Recused;

[Note: An MOU and Contract are two different instruments.


Bus route schedules and drop off locations;


Head Start Lease; Continued discussion; Having to move versus wanting to move to the Annex building; Culinary Academy; Premature and incomplete; Asbestos;


Elected Officials Salary; Lisa Scott testifies; Process of setting elected officials salaries; [compensation]

Note: 29 USC 630 - Definitions

(f) The term "employee" means an individual employed by any employer except that the term "employee" shall not include any person elected to public office in any State or political subdivision of any State by the qualified voters thereof, or any person chosen by such officer to be on such officer's personal staff, or an appointee on the policymaking level or an immediate adviser with respect to the exercise of the constitutional or legal powers of the office.


MOTION: M-Hounsell That we instruct the county administrator to determine how much each elected official who served 2017 received...also how much did each elected official serving in 2018 receive in the first 9 days of 2018....and to match those up with the Delegations appropriations for those positions. 2nd-Babson-Discussion----- V-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Registrar of Deeds revenue discussion; Revenue history; Projected revenue; $428,141.95; expected revenue: $541,358.00 to make the $969,500.00 that the Delegation has set; Pine Tree Power; Importance of conservative estimates;


Sheriffs contract document signatures; Vehicles; Bank of New Hampshire;


Commission takes "bets- wagers" on revenue projections. Pine Tree Power; Wood chips;


History of nursing home revenue; 97% collected; Nursing Shortage update; Starting rates; 32 Hour nurses; Bypassing NH retirement system; Offering a bonus if employee drops to 32 hours; Hounsell's 6 point solution to the nursing shortage; Increase salaries; Bonus incentives; Training opportunities; Flex scheduling; Negotiate favorable terms with unions; RN; LPN: $5.00 raise; LNA's $3.00 raise; enhanced shift differentials; Agency nurses; $91,600.00; IDN7; Proshare; Long term lease for housing; Traveling nurses; Housing for nurses;


MOTION: M-Babson That the Commissioners authorize a $5.00 increase in starting pay for non union RN's at the Mountain View Nursing home and further that we...contingent upon...the Delegation approving us using the overage of proshare to pay for it. 2nd-Babson-----Bevard: Can we add to that...the rest of the raises he's asking for the others? Non union Nurses.... V-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Per diem compensation;


Hales Location checks;


MOTION: M-Bevard To sign the check for Kathleen Golden for her monthly pay of $1,000.00; 2nd-Hounsell----- V-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Hales Location; Emails; Assessing official; Calls from SAU47; Building Permit releases; Tax Collector; Report of emails; Department of Revenue sharing; T824 form


MOTION: M-Bevard To sign the letter stating the T824 form will be used; 2nd-Hounsell----- V-Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


SAU calls; Building permit releases;


MOTION: M-Hounsell To authorize the chair to sign the building permit from Melanson Development Group Incorporated in Hales Location. 2nd-Bevard----- Main motion and 2nd withdrawn


Administrator’s updates; Delegation member's access to ACS; Cordelli's snide remarks; Read only; Quarterly reports; ASC server; Cloud services; Blueberry deceases; Hay fields; Labor issues; 181 Bales; Tamworth: Pearl Brothers; Open position for grounds maintenance;


Commissioner Babson: Convey to Delegation members that want to close the farm.......


MOTION: M-Babson To get rid of all the most efficient manner..the old wood... 2nd-Hounsell----- V-Babson-Y; Bevard-N; Hounsell-Y;


Hay discussion: Inmates use; *Joe's position-x3725j^7.11.2018


COMMISSIONERS UPDATES: Pumpkin patch update: Babson


COMMISSIONERS UPDATES: [Hounsell] Hales location; cost for Hales location assistant;


COMMISSIONERS UPDATES: [Bevard]: Women's forum; Lack of women in political rolls;


Meeting adjourned, without motion, [not required] Agenda states: Non Public session.

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