Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | August 22, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 8/22/18. The commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, and Mark Hounsell, collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and this meeting began at 8:30 am.

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Call to order; Pledge;


MOTION: Hounsell To accept the meeting minutes from August 8, 2018 2nd: No second--------Withdrawn.
Put aside and no action taken pending corrections.


MOTION: Bevard To accept the meeting minutes from August 15, 2018 2nd: Hounsell--------
Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


PUBLIC INPUT: Rep. Mark McConkey, Delegation Chair; County finance accounting; quarterly reports; sexual harassment policy; lack of annual audit update;

Public input 8/22/2018 by Mark McConkey: Time Line: July 2 The Delegation Met: July 31 Letter to Chairman Bevard:

I had asked for a update from our July 2nd meeting concerning elected officials pay, the Attorneys concern with new travel policy reimbursement for travel expenses and the outward appearance that their departments were under greater commissioners’ scrutiny because they had brought their concerns to the Delegation.

I reaffirmed the inadequacy of the current accounting system to provide the elected officials real time data (expenditures) requiring them to keep their own accounting system. Both the Attorney and the Registrar were concerned that the business office could not tell them what salaries/ benefits had been expended by their departments and the Deligation is not getting our quarterly reports in a timely manner.

Equally troubling is that I have not seen a formal response to my concern for updating the counties sexual harassment and workplace bullying polices and my suggestion that the county attorney be included in the review of those policies. No response! August 6th E mail to Amanda Buvard Ken Robichaud Requesting an audit update as I was concerned that this had fallen behind schedule and I was looking for a response to my letter to the Commissioners the week previously.

Response on 8/8: August 8th Email commissioner response: We are in receipt of your letter and we have been and are continuing to work on these issues.

August 8th Commissioners email requesting a supplemental appropriation

August 16th Email from Administrator Robichaud: I was sent a correspondence dated July 11, from Melanson Heath to the Commissioners. Engagement letter concerning the Delegations request for additional items to be added to the audit. The Commissioners were instructed to sign the letter acknowledging the agreement and the arrangements for the engagement. Instead of acting on the mater they sat on the letter for 5 weeks and then informed me that they would not process this request until they were given the appropriation to complete the task.

August 16th Email to Chairman Bevard and Administrator Robichaud: Response to the Commissioners that the Delegation was clear in our vote on July 2nd that the two items in the engagement letter were to be in addition to the 2017 County financial audit work and that the fees will be appropriated when we meet next. Most importantly I asked that “I trusted that the AUP is not holding up the entire 2017 audit”. No response, August 23….. Crickets no audit update.

I am of the opinion that the financial sins of the commissioners prior to 2015 have not been corrected and we are sliding back into a lax state of accounting. The Commissioners are circling the wagons around the business office and their tail is wagging the dog once again. A 2014 independent performance audit of the commissioner’s office recommended that there were several significant issues that must be addressed to implement appropriate operational practices and financial controls. Critical Financial policies and other operational polices had not been adopted or consistently followed. Core financial duties were not performed at all or not in a timely manner This performance audit had a number of concerns regarding the process used for the collection of revenue from the various departments and the depositing of that revenue with banks. I highlight one instance that money was withheld from an employee’s paycheck and it was not deposited into their deferred compensation plan and for a period of 9 months before those funds were not recorded into the system. I question who else this has happened to and what else is slipping through the cracks. The business office is sole-fully over their head and the commissioners / administrator won’t admit their peril. Bank statements are not reconciled. Removal of the Human Resources Administrator and putting HR under the Administrators direction has encouraged bullying and sexual harassment. When I asked the Commissioners how they are addressing these workplace vilotions I am told that there is not an issue and I should not be concerned. I tell you there is an ongoing problem on our campus and that issue continues to erode our workplace stability. I stand here because I can no longer sit quietly and see our employees mistreated. You need to “right” your ship and prevent the C.C. taxpayers from once again being place in financial peril, because your egos are bruised. When the Deligation bailed the Commissioners out with a 2.3-million-dollar supplemental appropriation they promised to conduct a forensic audit, but you never followed through. The Delegation has authorized second performance audit of the commissioner’s office and the state statute now permits the delegation to authorize and pay for a forensic audit. I respectfully request that the Commissioners become part of the solution or get the hell out of the way."


PUBLIC COMMENT: County Attorney: Michaela Andruzzi; Requests real time access to Attorney budget; 22 requests made, no action on requests;


Letter being sent to Delegation Chair:


MOTION: Hounsell To sign this letter (letter from Commission to Delegation Chair) 2nd: Bevard--------
Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


Approved vendor form:


MOTION: Hounsell To approve the vendor form. 2nd: Babson--------
Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


Department of Labor payroll audit; Checkmate payroll services corrections; Hearing requested to discuss the $3,000.00 fine imposed by DOL;


Line item transfers; #7: 8/22/18 County Attorney;

MOTION: Babson To approve the transfer of 400.00 from other fees and services to postage within the County Attorney's office line. 2nd: Hounsell--------
Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


Line item transfers; #8: 8/22/18 County Attorney; 400.00 from other fees and services to copier expense.

MOTION: Bevard To approve the transfer of 400.00 from other fees and services to copier expenses County Attorney's office line. 2nd: Babson--------Discussion: Other fees and services: Total: 2,385.42
Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


Line item transfers; #9; County Commission line: Education and Conferences to overtime:

MOTION: Babson To approve request #9: 8/22/2018 (no amounts verbalized in motion) 2nd: Hounsell-------- Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


Line item transfers; #10; MVC Admin. to 385.00 from other fees and services to overtime.

MOTION: Hounsell To approve request #10: 8/22/2018 2nd: Babson--------Discussion: Use of overtime;
Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


Review of Hiring document; Approval to hire;


MOTION: Hounsell To approve the employee hiring memorandum. 2nd-Babson--------Discussion: adding better identification code to policies. Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


MOTION: Babson to go into non public per RSA 91-a: 3,2,b Hiring an employee 2nd: Hounsell--------Discussion: Babson: Should NP be used in this situation. Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y


COMMISSIONER UPDATES/ Comments: Babson: Delegation Chair McConkey's public input;


COMMISSIONER UPDATES/ Comments: Hounsell: County Attorney's request to access financial system: ACS; Rep. McConkey's public input.


COMMISSIONER UPDATES/ Comments: Bevard: County Attorney's access to financial system;


General discussion: 1st quarter budget numbers; shortage of business office staff; County attorney; Department head responsibilities; 2nd quarter budget numbers; Annual Audit; Delegation/ Commission/ Communications; Comeau V. Carroll County;


Comeau V. Carroll County; [Bevard] civil suit;


MOTION: Bevard-Y To adjourn. 2nd: Babson Babson-Y Bevard-Y Hounsell-Y

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