Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | August 29, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 8/29/18. The commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, and Mark Hounsell, collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and this meeting began at 8:30 am.

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Encrypted analysis: MEbrAbE4ibeDrotl6EM6geh1TUmLPUXU


Call to order; Pledge;


MOTION: Hounsell: I make motion that the commissioners...recess for the purpose of caucusing..

2nd: Babson

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-N; Hounsell-Y;


Commission returns from caucus; Moment of silence regarding the death of Senator John McCain.


MOTION: Bevard: I make a motion to approve the minutes from August 22, [2018]

2nd: Babson: Discussion: Previous corrections; placing public comments in the minute record;

MOTION: Amended: To table the motion.

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Public input; #conwaydailysun; #daymondsteer; Rep. McConkey's letter; Press conference process; Public comment policies;


Registrar of Deeds; Bid requests; Roller shelving; Equipment account; 12 units; Buying American; Larson Company; Cost increase; Steel tariff impacts; Registrar revenue projections;


MOTION: Hounsell: I so move that we approve...the request for Larson metal roller shelving for the Registrar of Deeds.

2nd: Babson

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Hiring document; Jail requirements; Back ground checks; Hiring process; Revising hiring policy document;


MOTION: Babson: I make a motion that we don't....hire anybody in the House of Corrections until they've completed and cleared the entire application....

2nd: Bevard:

MOTION: Amended: ....all requirements; Background checks; Dept. of Corrections; and all other requirements:

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Drug and alcohol policy; Howard Chandler; Mountain View Community; MVC; Shall; May;


MOTION: Hounsell: I make a motion that throughout the document.....anyplace where the word shall appears it will be changed to may...or anyplace where shall or will...will be changed to may.

2nd: Babson: Discussion: frequency of the use of terms; Shall; Will; Chandler; Board of Commissioners; Reason for the policy; State involvement; County policy; Nursing Home medication controls; Annual drug testing; Random drug testing; Implied consent; Reasonable suspicion; Searches; Legal review; Employment termination;

VOTE: Commission intimates to finish the discussion of the drug and alcohol policy at at later time.


MOTION: Bevard: I declare a recess..for a non meeting..

2nd: No second needed.

VOTE: Commission moves into a non meeting;


Hiring position; Mountain View Community; Job description review; 2 positions; Former book keeper position; Accounts payable position; Assistant finance director; Union versus Non Union; Check processing; Ordering; Medical supply controls; Inventory control;


Inventory management systems; Vendor based system; Purchasing; Defining responsibilities; Cross training positions; Scheduler position;


MOTION: Bevard: To change the requirement for the clinical service coordinator by removing the requirement for an LPN...

2nd: Hounsell

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Accounts payable position; Non Union; Indeed; Financial services assistant; Collective bargaining agreement; Union negotiations; Bookkeeper;


Addressing staffing issues; LPN; RN; LNA; Union versus non union; Collective Bargaining agreement; Per Diem; Weekly hourly rate; Shift differentials; Budgetary savings; Worker availability; RN certifications;


MOTION: Babson: I'd like to make a motion Madam Chairman..that we...implement..number two..from Howard's..August 24th 2018...recommendation letter..but we do it on the basis of the next three months and see if it works.

2nd: Hounsell: Discussion: 6 months; 1st quarter budget year; Sunset approach; Required report;

MOTION: Babson; Amended: To approve this recommendation...the whole thing...except that..instead of sunsetting will be a report the first two weeks..of 2019...

2nd: Hounsell: Discussion: 90 days; Administrator requests time to review.


2nd: Babson: [Withdrawn-Table]

MOTION: Bevard: To enact number two...and increase the wages of per diem's for LNA's..

2nd: Babson:

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Chandler recommendation number 3; Hiring referrals; Offering incentives; Employee employees; Referral sign on bonus; 500.00-1,000.00; 2,000.00 sign on bonuses;


MOTION: Hounsell: To offer 2,000.00 sign on bonus to RN' be dispersed in 3 payments..1st.. 500.00 for the first paycheck...750.00 at 90 days...and 750.00 at 180 days....

2nd: Babson; Discussion: Just RN's; sunset 60 days;

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


RN advertising; Barium swallows; Authorization requests to sign contract with [Masstex]; Service agreement versus memorandum of understanding; Barium swallow process; HIPPA requirements;


Bob Murray: Facility manager update: Phone line issues; Consolidated Communications; High speed phone lines; Sheriff Dispatch phone lines; Dropped calls; Dispatch functions; Emergency protocols;


Second quarter budget review; Revenue; Sheriff; Eaton; Jail; Farm; Hay; Wood; 2nd cut hay; Nursing Home; Private room rates; Skilled; Proshare; MQUIP; Concord financial meeting lack of notice; Transfers; Sheriff's radio repair contract; Hay tedder; BEAS line;


Checkmate; General Ledger coordinations; Annual auditor questions; reported annual audit completion: end of September 2018;


Propane line; Propane use; Transfers; Siemens energy audit; Jail boiler repairs; Performance audit expenditure; Expenses related to conducting performance audit;


Commissioner updates; Hay; Mountain View Community; Rep Cordelli; Purchasing module; ACS;


Yellow folder: Signature folder: email reports; Deposit: 27.00; Town of Conway: DMV 9,900.00; Vehicle registrations; Hales;


MOTION: Hounsell: I make a motion..that we approve..the paying of the amount..1, the Town of Conway...check #: 85...which collected..from motor vehicle registrations.

2nd: Babson

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


MOTION: Hounsell: I make a motion..that we disperse..1,000.00 to [Cathleen Golden] for her services.

2nd: Babson

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Hales Location report; 30 emails; SAU97; Account totals July 31, 2018 113,002.04; DRA application federal state forestland;


MOTION: Hounsell: I make a motion..that we approve the non public session one from August 22, [2018] and that we unseal them...

2nd: Babson

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Commissioner update; Administrative assistant position; Book keeper position; Meeting minutes; RSA 28:10;


MOTION: Hounsell: I make a motion..that we send.. a packet to each..personally to each member of the delegation..from the commissioners office to the delegation member...

2nd: Babson

VOTE: Babson-Y; Bevard-Y; Hounsell-Y;


Bevard: Adjourn.

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