Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | July 31, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, Terry McCarthy, The board collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and this meeting began at 8:30 am.

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Encrypted analysis: cHizebRuriqitrlcHItIvEtrowrlfos4


MOTION McCarthy to approve July 24, 2019 minutes 2nd Babson corrections; County attorney vehicle expenses; #lizbailey; compensation; Babson's opinion; amended; unanimous;


CHECK MANIFEST July 19, 2019= $737,969.19; WORK SESSION: Jail clothes washer bid; #murray; #henry; Yankee Equipment; Daniels Equipment; recommendation: Daniels Equipment; $8,900.00; $500.00 installation charge; Electrician: $700.00; equipment offered not per RFP; ozone hook up; capital expense line; proposal: Babson two washing machines;


MOTION McCarthy to purchase jail washer from Daniels Equipment not to exceed $9,400.00 Babson 2nd discussion including freight; unanimous;


Contract signatures;


MOTION Babson to authorize Chair Bevard to sign jail washer Daniels Equipment purchase contract 2nd McCarthy Unanimous. McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y.

WASTE MANAGEMENT CONTRACT: auto renewal clause; multi year agreement; cap; water sewer trash index; 3.7%; payment terms;


WASTE MANAGEMENT CONTRACT: Liquidated damages clause; tires;


MOTION Babson to accept the Waste Management contract for 3 years in the amount of $19,313.40 and to authorize Chair Bevard to sign the contract. McCarthy 2nd: Unanimous. McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y.


SIEMENS ENERGY UPGRADE REPORT: Air Conditioning installation; controls; bugs; questions; jail boiler installation; piping; electrical; jail hot water; temp water heater; ozone generator; completion timeline;


SIEMENS ENERGY UPGRADE REPORT: Solar installation; consolidated; SICK TIME BUYBACK POLICY: mandatory; employee feedback; corrections; payroll coordinator; 280 sick time; tracking payouts; Dept. head list; vacation accruals;


MOTION McCarthy to accept the sick time buy back policy Babson 2nd discussion effect on budget Unanimous. McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson


Discussion: policies; CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: single credit card versus card per Department; requesting Dept. feedback; registrar of deeds; Administrators card; establishing limits;


CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: Purchasing limits; Jail credit card; Sheriff's Deputies individual cards; reimbursements; DPW; hay wagons; circumventing policy technics; discontinuing reimbursements;


CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: Discontinuing reimbursements; capping meal costs; Federal Contracts; meals policy; training policy; nursing home uniform reimbursements; auditors opinion requested; loaning jail staff money; cell phones; travel expense; education;


CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: Other County policy comparisons; Jail boots; $125.00; uniforms; length of training programs; Per diem;


CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: Per diem; tolls; baggage; transportation; parking;


CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: Receipts; 3 days upon returning; list of acceptable purchases; purchase orders; store front accounts; Northern Tire; Crowel's Towing and Repair; Hanford's supermarket;


CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: splitting purchases from shipping to circumvent the purchasing limits; $5,000.00 RSA; meals $50.00 per day; County credit cards; Dept. head oversight; AGREEMENT SECTION;


CREDIT CARD USE POLICY: Department feedback; [Bevard discusses a recent event between a deputy sheriff and an area resident]; SHERIFF'S LINE ITEM TRANSFER #13; Communication Towers; Town of Madison; drawings; site plan; $9,460.00 Property liability budget line to other fees and services; not budgeted; engineer presentation at planning board; site plan; zoning hearings; Fire Chief sign off; road access; August 7, 2019 public hearings;


SHERIFF'S LINE ITEM TRANSFER #13; #richardi; Communication Tower Homeland Security Grant; $604,000.00 grant; grant conditions; completion mandate;


MOTION McCarthy to process transfer #13 Sheriff Dispatch Department in the amount of $9,460.00 FROM the property and liability line TO other fees and services Babson 2nd Unanimous McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y.


SHERIFF'S LINE ITEM TRANSFER #13; #richardi; Communication Tower Homeland Security Grant; uncompleted road to tower locations; Sheriff vehicle sales; IRS; credit card use; credit card use policy; Conway PD; meals reimbursement;


SHERIFF: richardi: Reimbursement policies: I.R.S. rules related to reimbursed expenses; out of state lunches; training;


SHERIFF: #richardi: Reimbursement policies: prisoner transports;


COUNTY MAIL BOXES: mail delivery;


COUNTY MAIL BOX: locks; keys; County Attorney mail retrieval mileage reimbursement; Jail (HOC);


HOC: NH Association of Counties steering committee report; #henry; NHACo executive committee; Commissioners Council; voting rights;;


HOC: NH Association of Counties steering committee report; #henry; Association organization; officers; 5 Executives; officers versus executives; Officers: enter into grants; Dupont Group; Commissioners Council; history of NH Association of Counties; steering committee survey results; legislative advocacy; bylaws;


HOC: NH Association of Counties steering committee report; #henry: proposed changes; bylaws; internal organization; elected or appointed; meeting schedules; strategic planning committee; electronic voting;


HOC: NH Association of Counties steering committee report; #henry: NHAOC meeting schedules; #babson- executive council; removing a sitting officer/ councilor/;


COMMISSIONERS JAIL INSPECTION PROCESS:; jail cruiser; 5 vehicles for sale;


JAIL VEHICLE SALES: Craigslist; pigs; Craigslist cost; ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Tamworth Selectmen visit; September 5, 2019; Thursday 5:00 pm; DPW updates: HAY: 5,400 bales; INMATE hay deliveries; water meter installation; replaced broken meter; hydrant; hay wagon damage;


ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Hay wagon condition/ damage; struck post;


ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Hales Location: Avatar invoice; shipping and handling;


MOTION Babson to pay Hales Location Avatar invoice of $62.62 McCarthy 2nd passes unanimous. McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y.


ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Hales Location: NHDES Letter; 61 Fairway Drive septic; ACS=Avenue purchasing module; purchasing module evaluation; purchasing module compatibility; Avenue representative visit; AP;


ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Request Avenue site visit; COMMISSIONERS REPORTS: #mccarthy: County Website; lack of uploaded meeting minutes;

RSA 91-A:2 II-b. (a) If a public body maintains an Internet website or contracts with a third party to maintain an Internet website on its behalf, it shall either post its approved minutes in a consistent and reasonably accessible location on the website or post and maintain a notice on the website stating where the minutes may be reviewed and copies requested.



MEDIA/ PUBLIC COMMENT: RSA 91-A: meeting minute website posting requirements; Communication Towers; Homeland Security Grant; site drawings; cost; Madison tower; $4,500; Thompson Hill Tower; $4,200; Local Planning board requirements; Ossipee Building Inspector; Grant Review;


County Attorney AP Process discussion; Non Public versus Public;


MOTION Babson to move into non public per RSA 91-A:3 II (b) 2nd by Bevard; ROLL: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y

MOTION Bevard to come out of non public and not seal the non public minutes; announcement of new hire: Shawna Collins: Registered Nurse;

MOTON Babson to adjourn; 2nd by McCarthy; McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y

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