Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | August 7, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, Terry McCarthy, The board collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and this meeting began at 8:30 am.

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Encrypted analysis: 9p6VL1aPrOvotaswAqeTR1n8tuBajaFu


Call to order; pledge of allegiance; roll call: McCarthy; Bevard; Babson;


MOTION: Babson, to accept the July 31, 2019 meeting minutes.

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y


Check manifest week ending August 2, 2019 $108,980.39; Stericycle Contract review; #murray; Hazardous Waste Disposal; auto renew contracts; cancelling Stericycle contract; RFP;


MOTION: Babson, to send a letter to Stericycle communicating the commission wishes to end the contract and permission to let the Chair of the Commission sign the letter.

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y


Other hazardous waste collection companies; RFP; Waste Management; SEMENS ENERGY UPGRADE REPORT: boiler replacement; Jail boiler replacement; condensing boilers; German made boilers; 2 million BTU's;


SEMENS ENERGY UPGRADE REPORT: HVAC system details; air exchangers; air conditioning; reheat coils; internal door card; Babson's auto car starter incident; COMMISSION MAIL BOXES: invoices; checks; personal mail; mail carrier deliveries;


COMMISSION MAIL BOXES: Mail sorting; time savings; department mail deliveries; mail access; mail policy; handling personal mail; designated opener of mail;


COMMISSION MAIL BOXES: #hounsell; SICK TIME BUY OUT POLICY: corrections; signatures; TEMPORARY CPA: County Treasurer; Non Public; business office support; comptroller assistance;


TEMPORARY CPA PROPOSAL: Hiring CPA cost; $90.00 per hour; lack of appropriation; MRI; business office coverage; business office duties; budget process timelines; 9 months of expenditures and revenues; commissioners budget creation timeline; Delegation budget timeline;


TEMPORARY CPA PROPOSAL: Commissioners budget creation timeline; Delegation budget timeline; budget projections; in house server inoperative; memory board replacement; cloud server use; ACS- Avenue, Inc.; lack of check signing; #costello; assistant treasurer utilization;


TEMPORARY CPA PROPOSAL: Commissioners budget creation timeline; State Representative schedules; Jail budget; MVC budget; creating health insurance line item;


TEMPORARY CPA PROPOSAL: Business office work load; Finance manager/ part time book keeper; Avenue Inc, presentation; purchasing module; CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION:


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: Scope section; issuing individual credit cards; governing use; Sheriff's Office appropriations; County financial policies; travel- meal policy; Cheshire County policy examples;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: Federal per diem allowance; county meal policy; purchase orders;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: Travel policy; commission approvals; scheduled off site training;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: Offsite training; reporting purchases; Point Click Care purchase; credit card expenditure limits; expenditures by department; MVC wipes; paper towels;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: MVC supply purchasing; #seth; #chandler; cost savings; Amazon- free shipping; *Registrar of deeds enters with revenue expenditure report; meals for county purposes; IRS rules;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: IRS meal reimbursement rules;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: Babson's auto start incident; meal policy; travel bag checkin costs; Airline flights; Department head meal travel policy review; paying late fees; penalty and interest fees; #costello;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: Late charge responsibility; matching receipts; submission of credit card purchase information;


CREDIT CARD POLICY DISCUSSION: Late charges; interest charges; attached receipts; credit card disputed charges; "pay and chase"; "pay and chase"; Cheshire County policies; transmittal forms; MOUNTAIN VIEW COMMUNITY: (MVC), #chandler;


MOUNTAIN VIEW COMMUNITY (NURSING HOME): Private long term care insurance; ASSISTED LIVING STUDY RFQ DISCUSSION; [Chandler hands out RFQ language;] demographic analysis;


ASSISTED LIVING STUDY RFQ DISCUSSION: Private pay= $6,000.00 monthly; Medicaid; Medicare; Memorial Hospital; Adult Day Care locations; Conway;


ASSISTED LIVING STUDY REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFQ) DISCUSSION: Affordable Housing; assisted living building locations; transitional housing; transitional housing versus assisted living; area homelessness;


ASSISTED LIVING STUDY REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFQ) DISCUSSION: Number of units; availability of units; North Conway's lack of affordable housing news paper article; Air B&B;


REGISTRAR OF DEEDS REVENUE REPORT: Gross revenue; historic projections;


ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE: Training: understanding addiction; overdose deaths; NARCAN use; 6,800 bales of hay; Avenue Server; Administrators vacation; August 26-30 2019; upcoming commission meeting schedule; COMMISSION UPDATES: #bevard: ADA; Jail inmate programs; Medically Assisted Treatment: MAT;


COMMISSION UPDATES: #bevard: ADA; Jail inmate programs; Medically Assisted Treatment: MAT; addiction classifications; suboxone; methadone; ACLU law suits; nursing home addiction; #bailey- ACLU: legal ramifications by not following medically assisted treatment;


COMMISSION UPDATES: MAT; Jail inmate program presentation misinformation; conflict of interest; MVC pain management; senior addiction; #henry;


COMMISSION UPDATES: (MAT); COMMISSION UPDATES: #babson; New Hampshire Association of Counties; (NHAOC); #chandler; #henry; executive committee appointments; commissioners participation; bylaws; solar study; U- source Inc.; net-metering; consultation grant funding; email communication;


COMMISSION UPDATES: #babson; email communication; stipend; IRS requirements; lack of response from McCarthy- Bevard; missing attachment; RSA 23:7 Delegation setting upper limit on milage or reimbursable; setting compensation; [County treasurer];


COMMISSION UPDATES: Elect official Compensation; RSA 23:7 read into record; August 14, 2019 Hales location meeting;


MOTION: Babson, to go into non public per RSA 91-A:3 II (a) (b) (c)

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: ROLL CALL: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y


MOTION: McCarthy, to come out of non public session

SECOND: Babson

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y


MOTION: Bevard, to seal except first session.

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y 2/3 met.


Commission announces new hire; Amanda Norcross: MVC; RECORDING SECRETARY COMPENSATION: $150.00 per meeting; per meeting versus per hour; setting rate;


MOTION: Bevard, to pay recording secretary $150.00 per meeting no milage and as an independent contractor.

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson NAY.


ADMINISTRATORS ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Hales Location 3 year ambulance contract; contract read into record; ambulance call history; billing;


ADMINISTRATORS ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Hales Location 3 year ambulance contract; billing; transports; Statutory requirements; Life Plus; CarePlus; West Ossipee: CarePlus; North Conway Ambulance;


MOTION: Babson, to go out to bid for ambulance services: Hales Location.

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y


ADMINISTRATORS UPDATE: Sick time buy back policy changes; grammar corrections;


MOTION: Bevard, to adjourn.

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y

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