Carroll County Commissioners Meeting | September 11, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Commissioners: Amanda Bevard, David L. Babson, Terry McCarthy, The board collectively exercises budgetary and operational control over county government and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and this meeting began at 8:30 am.

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Start time 8:30 am; Moment of silence; September 11, 2001; ROLL: Commissioners: Terry McCarthy; Amanda Bevard; David L. Babson; Treasurer: Joe Costello; Administrator: Ken Robichaud; Recording Secretary: Mellisa Seamans; House of Corrections Superintendent: Jason Henry; Facilities Manager: Bob Murray; Mountain View Community (MVC) Nursing Home Administrator: Howard Chandler;


MOTION: Babson, to approve the 9/4/19 minutes;

SECOND: McCarthy; Babson-Corrections: Hay fields; 30.00 per bale;

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


MANIFEST TOTAL: Check manifest total; ending 9/6/19; $118,144.47


JAIL TRASH DUMPSTER: Henry; Murray: Jail waste biohazard; Waste Management; Overflow dumpster; trash compactor; $300.00 monthly; HOC budget: $3,300.00+; 4 pickups-tipping costs; Tipping fee: $75.00; Transfer request- HOC: Fees and Services line to Facilities budget; single stream; cardboard;


MOTION: Babson, to approve the request to move the 10 yard dumpster to the Jail and to authorize the Chair to sign the Waste Management contract.

SECOND: Bevard

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


SIEMENS ENERGY UPGRADE UPDATE: Murray: Jail Boilers; Administration building boilers; control system installations;


JAIL PAVING AND FLOORING REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP): Murray; Henry: Number of copies; bidding process; bid review procedure; County website RFP posting;


MOTION: McCarthy, to accept the provided RFP to pave the Jail parking lot.

SECOND: Bevard

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;




MOTION: Bevard, to accept the provided RFP for Jail flooring installation; Jail Administrator area; remove existing carpeting;

SECOND: McCarthy: Discussion: using existing labor;

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


MOUNTAIN VIEW COMMUNITY; (RFP) STAFF SCHEDULING SOFTWARE: Chandler: HR; Payroll; asset management; text messages; email messages; automated scheduling; RFP copy quantity; investigating references;


MOTION: McCarthy, to accept the Staff scheduling software RFP for MVC as written.

SECOND: Bevard; Babson: amendment: change to 4 copies of RFP.

VOTE: Fails for lack of acceptance of Babson amendment.

MOTION: McCarthy, to accept the proposed Staff scheduling software RFP for MVC as written.

SECOND: Bevard- assumed from previous motion; no verbal re- second.

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


MVC FACEBOOK PAGE: Slip and Slide event;


LINE ITEM TRANSFER REQUEST: Murray: Payroll to overtime; $2,000.00; Dept. head signatures; transfer policy;


MOTION: Babson, to accept line item transfer #14 moving $2,000.00 from maintenance salary 5150.09 to maintenance dept. overtime 5150.05

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


MVC ADMISSION PROTOCOLS: County resident priorities; urgency- needs; Hiring staff; Drug testing; internal drug use policy; Ossipee Aggregates; Primex; Treasurer exits meeting 9:30 am; cost of drug testing;


MEDICALLY ASSISTED TREATMENT (MAT): Henry; Opiates; methadone; Opiate use disorder; suboxone providers; potential lawsuits; treatment guidelines; standards of care; American Society of Addiction Medicine; Disability designation; Addiction Severity Index; Presidents Commission on Combating Drug Addiction; NJ Governor Chris Christie; ACLU; Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage; Correctional medicine;


CREDIT CARD POLICY: Account- sub accounts; charging limits; pay and chase; late fees;


JAIL REVENUE: 2019; Comptroller Cathleen Armstrong enters meeting: 10:34 am; boarder compensation; $90,000.00 approx.; Federal reimbursement process; journal entries;


2019 BUDGET: implementation of budget; Electric; propane; enterprise accounts; Principal and interests; operating expense versus capital expense;


MOTION: Babson, to move principal and interest from MVC to 300 fund to 100 fund.

SECOND: Bevard

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


MAINTENANCE BUDGET: Labor distribution; efficiency of scale; propane-electric metering; propane deliveries; metering by building; annual propane use calculations; Siemens energy audit guarantees; consolidation of budget lines: electric cost; propane cost (facilities); Life Safety requirements;


YELLOW FOLDER: Subsurface disposal system installation notification letter;


ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE: CPA Proposal; Mike Campo; CPA; Joe Costello Treasurer; Melanson & Heath: Cheryle Burke; Allen Gould: Municipal Resource, Inc.; Government Financial Software; RSA 91-a requests; Attorney review;


HALES LOCATION: PAYMENTS IN LIU OF TAXES (PILT): US Department of interior (USDI); PILT payment process; Department of Revenue (DRA); Ambulance services RFP; assessing statistical update; Linda Kennedy DRA; acreage valuation formula; Kathy Golden;


MOTION: Babson, to pay the PILT money to Hales Location; $48,896.86 pending Delegation approval.

SECOND: McCarthy; Babson: PILT payment process

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard NO; Babson Y;


PROCESSING RSA 91-A: RIGHT TO KNOW REQUESTS: Recovering costs; proposed legislation;


COMMISSIONERS UPDATES: Tamworth Selectmen meeting; Ribbon Cutting ceremony- North Conway; Kennet High school gym restoration; Stage reconstruction; $300,000.00 donation;


JAIL ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE: Henry: inmate intake stories; Delegation Jail subcommittee; daily average costs; National Institute of Corrections (NIC); NH Association of Counties meeting;


MOTION: Babson, to move into non public session #1 per RSA 91-A:3 II (b)

MOTION: Babson, to move into non public session #2 per RSA 91-A:3 II (c)

SECOND: Bevard

VOTE: ROLL CALL: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;


MOTION: McCarthy, to come out of non public session #1; session #2;

SECOND: Babson

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;



NOTE: Session #1 was for hiring; Session #2 was reputation. Session #1 was not voted to be sealed and Session #2 was not voted to be sealed.


PUBLIC COMMENT: Ed Comeau; 91-A: Right to know; NH transparency grade of D-; processing right to know requests; legislation to address recouping costs of information retrieval; vexatious litigation; reviewing existing county RSA 91-A: policy; NHMA RSA 91-A: training;


MOTION: Babson, to adjourn.

SECOND: McCarthy

VOTE: McCarthy Y; Bevard Y; Babson Y;

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