Carroll County Delegation Meeting | June 17, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Delegation meeting from 6/17/13. "The County Delegation" are all the State House Representatives within the County. They met at the County Complex, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and the meeting began at 9:00am

00:23 Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community Administrator, introduces Erin Higgins as LNA of the year.

05:09 Approval of Minutes of meetings since December 12, 2012, January 28, 2013, February 22, March 11, 18, 27 2013. Motion and vote.

06:42 Bonnet Page and Stone preliminary proposal; reconfiguring the Old Nursing Home Annex per Delegation request; Committee recommendations; frost wall; re-roofing; demolition of 4 wings; laundry improvements; design costs; bond money; request for proposals;

19:08 Representative Glenn Cordelli, Howard Chandler presentation of photographs of Old Nursing Home Annex; reasons for reconfiguration of existing building;

30:56 Dorothy Solomon- proposal to use Old Nursing Home Wings as homeless shelter; discussion of proposal; homelessness in the County;

45:14 Commissioner Babson- gives summary of Board of Commissions progress on developing a plan as requested by the Delegation; subcommittee accomplishments and recommendations; discussion and deliberation of the entire proposal; cost benefit analysis; cooperative extension service leasing space;

55:24 Potential other uses; Motion to table motion- motion failed; putting out Request For Proposal's for outside entities using space; discussion of motion to accept BPS report of costs to renovate the Annex for no more then one million dollars;

1:02:05 Amendment to motion to direct Commissioners to send out RFP's for Core; Sept. 15, 2013; clarification of number of RFP's; motion and vote; (Pass)

1:14:18 Butler- motions, using wings rather then demolition will be considered if successful proposals are made by September 15 and are no cost to the county; discussion and vote- (passed unanimously)

1:17:15 Delegation moves into convention;

1:20:00 Committee reports; Mark McConkey- regional appropriations ; Glenn Cordelli- financial audits; accounting services; Kathy Garry, business office explains audit process; Mason and Rich; Gaspy rule;

1:29:00 Karen Crawford- Sheriffs subcommittee report; Carter Terinzinni; cost of dispatching;

1:36:30 Commissioner David Sorensen reports on County Budget revenues; 1st quarter; Sheriffs; Mountain View Community; Anne Aiton, registrar of deeds;

1:45:57 Wood Processing; state parks; Ash Borer insect problem in Merrimack County; camp ground wood; discussion of new wood processor; capital reserve account total; Will Dewitt presents; amendment that wood must be harvested from County Land and not purchased off site and processed; kiln drying wood; concern over Ash Borer; competing with private sector;

2:04:17 frequency of wood processor use; discussion of forester report; pole barn damaged during storm; discussion of Ash Borer;

2:17:20 discussion to lease to buy wood processor; discussion of buying versus leasing; timeline of bagging wood for State Parks;

2:25:20 Vote on Merrow amendment to only process wood from County Property; (Motion fails); Motion to Out to pass as amended to lease wood processor; Vote; 7 for 4 against;

2:32:00 Discussion of hiring new HR director; IT committee; competitive bidding for HOC camera systems; concern over NO Bids; discussion of Kronos time keeping system;

2:36:00 Delegation moves into convention; motion and vote to lease to purchase 9,500 for 5 years, 1 dollar buyout; motion- wood products from County Property; motion and vote; 7 yes, 4 opposed.

2:39:27 Public comments; Will Dewitt; Steve Brown, Wakefield; RFP's to determine interest to renovate space within the Old Nursing Home Annex; BPS's estimate; clarification offered; bids; accounting practices up at the county; flagpole; County Farm Day

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