Carroll County Delegation Meeting | March 3, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation meeting from 3/3/14. The Delegation met to review the 2014 County budget. They met at the County Complex, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 9:00 am.

Delegation members present; Tom Lavender, Harry Merrow, Glenn Cordelli, Bill Nelson, Chris Ahlgren, Karen Umberger, Mark McConkey, Ed Butler, Gene Chandler, Steve Schmitt, Susan Ticehurst. Commissioners present: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney.

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Encrypted analysis: 7jUMV68yj0pvgMpcZ5BCqBSKDXWwEimP


Sheriff Department Subcommittee budget review report [Karel Crawford] grant salaries; drug task force; speed grants; commercial details; education and conferences; new vehicle purchases; Homeland Security Grant;


Jail Delegation subcommittee report [Steve Schmitt] Administrative Home Confinement; AAC; [Jason Johnson] monitoring service details; inmate programs; Northern Human Services; offender education line item; average length of stay; 60 to 90 days; uniform expenses; vehicle expense; electronic monitoring; inmate transportation responsibilities; 3 transport vehicles; blue light bars being added to Correction transport vehicles; new staffing; [Gene Chandler]; [Karen Umberger]; overtime budget; [Harry Merrow]; intake of Federal inmates; security cameras; [Glenn Cordelli]; Federal rape prevention program audit costs; PRIA standards; fuel costs; firearm training;


Administration subcommittee report [Mark McConkey]; Registry of Deeds; Cooperative Extension; County Attorney; Medical Referee; Child Advocacy; Farm Maintenance; Sewer; Water; RSVP; Visiting Nurse; Hospice of Carroll County; Carroll County Conservation; Carroll County Transportation; budget line totals; regional appropriations; nursing home enterprise fund; [Karen Umberger]; maintenance line;


Water mark being added to Deed documents; [Karel Crawford]; [Anne Aiton]; [Gene Chandler]; copies of deeds; revenue; supplying copies of conveyances to municipalities; authority to add watermark; concern that watermark obscures the text;


Wood purchases for wood processing; [Glenn Cordelli]; prior delegation decision to agree to purchase wood processor; wood harvested from County property;


Mountain View Community, Nursing Home subcommittee report; [Bill Nelson]; MVC electronic file system; [Glenn Cordelli]; food services; policy of free meals;


I.T. Budget Discussion; central I.T. account; [Karen Umberger]; [Kathy Garry]; I.T. Committee; information technology; Jail Servers; DocStar; administration back flow valve; farm yard truck; [Mark McConkey]; [Will DeWitt]; Back flow preventer valve;


Water Department enterprise fund; [Karen Umberger]; Capital reserve line; [Steve Schmitt]; increases; [Gene Chandler]; capital reserve plan; [Susan Ticehurst]; capital reserve fund account; [David Sorensen];


County Cell phone policy; [Karen Umberger]; Cell phone policy delegation input; [David Babson]; cell phone reimbursement; [Ed Butler]; [Harry Merrow]; minutes used; [Bill Nelson]; [Kathy Garry]; cell phone approval process; [Glenn Cordelli]; IRS audits; [Karel Crawford]; current year surplus amount; [Gene Chandler];


Non union wages; [Karen Umberger]; 40 cent increases; [Harry Merrow]; [Glenn Cordelli];[Asha Kenney]; [Kathy Garry]; across the board increases, employee evaluations; [Glenn Cordelli]; human resource generalist increase; [Gene Chandler];


(Needs study) wage and salary report; [Wynette Degroot]; exempt position; HR Generalist; Working Farm Supervisor pay rate; merit pay increase versus salary?; [Mark McConkey]; possible change in job description?; [Susan Ticehurst];


Town of Ossipee taxes; [Harry Merrow]; [Karen Umberger]; current use taxes; [David Sorensen]; process of the County paying taxes to Ossipee; farm current use; nursing home tax burden; rate schedule; [Mark McConkey]; [Kathy Garry]; [Gene Chandler]; tax maps; [Anne Aiton]; Nursing home drainage area;


Discussion of creating a subcommittee to study the addition of a County manager or administrator; [Steve Schmitt]; observation that the County is not managed well; unfair to characterize the management as poor; [Ed Butler]; administrator versus manager; [Karel Crawford]; showing support towards County Staff and Commissioners during the study of adding an administrator; [Susan Ticehurst]; Delegation vote to form subcommittee to study hiring a County Administrator; Vote passes 10-1


Historic look at the County Budget, document; [Glenn Cordelli]; review and approval of previous meeting minutes; 2nd; unanimous;


Discussion of previous vote to allot the Commissioners $2,000 for financial assistance during a 91:a lawsuit against the individual Commissioners; [Karen Umberger]; proposal to change the amount to $2,100; discussion of insurance coverage; Primex; [David Sorensen]; Motion to increase the legal assistance to $2,100; 2nd; passes;


2011- 2012 financial audits; [Glenn Cordelli]; status report; [David Sorensen]; [John Lyford]; Motion to go into County Convention; 2nd; passes; in convention delegation approves minutes; form a subcommittee- county Administrator; raising the legal defense fund to $2,100. Public comment- Steve Brown, Wakefield, when was john Lyford hired? Chairmen Umberger passes question to commissioners; Commissioners will respond with answer at a later date.

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