Carroll County Delegation Meeting | June 2, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Delegation subcommittee formed to review the process of County employee compensation. The meeting took place on 6/2/14, at the County Complex in Ossipee and It began at 9:30 am.

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Representative Susan Ticehurst opens the meeting with a brief description of the subcommittee's purpose.


Representative Glenn Cordelli discusses the scope of the committee work; Union negotiations; not setting salaries; Health benefits;


Representative Tom Lavender enters the meeting;


Alternative benefit plan; proposal to offer employees a stipend if they elect not to sign up for a benefit plan;


Sheriff Office signed contract; Tentative Mountain View Community contract; House of Corrections new Union representation; Jail Union; Sheriff Office compensation 40 cents- approved by the County Commissioners;


Subcommittee review of information; County Employee compensation (wages and salaries); list of benefits; full time; part time; uniforms; sick time; shift differentials; Union positions; Positions requiring uniforms;


A strategy to compensate employees with a living wage; M.I.T living wage study;


Government creating a living wage versus free market mechanisms; economic theories; minimum wages; other state approaches;


Committee discussing living wages versus the evaluation of present compensation practices and reporting, in advisory format, to the full delegation; Political theatre; Bartering; focusing on compiling useful information for the full delegation;


Wage information from other counties; County population; NH employment security; focusing on Carroll County only;


Public comment: The living wage concept in regards to only County employees or the entire NH employee market;


Benefit packages; Providers; Union negotiations; Alternatives; Primex; Health Benefit Study Committees; Inter-local Trust; Dental Benefits; Delta Dental; Providing Excel spreadsheets;


Workers compensation insurance; different variables that influence what the compensation really is per employee; non monetary compensation; starting salaries; on call supplement; sick time; health care; uniforms; holiday; sick days; medical family leave;


Public comment; employee productivity increases; dividing the information by job type; evaluation process; Affordable Healthcare Act involvement; Part time versus full time; Federal mandates; County holiday schedule; non monetary compensation; Non Union employee compensation; County Personnel policies;


Information that would show the cost of employee compensation to the taxpayer after rolling in benefits received; evaluating consistent compensation throughout the County for the same jobs;


Evaluating employee compensation for consistency throughout the complex; Job descriptions; Professional evaluations; comparisons between Counties; job reclassifications; number of full time employees; Part time employees;


Public comment: Where did the 40 cent raises originate from?; flat increases versus step increases tied to performance; Public Employee Labor Board website;;


Discussion regarding the determination of a County wide 40 cent raise; Union negotiations; Evaluations of job descriptions under HR responsibilities versus using an outside agency;


Justification or reasoning for the 40 cents per hour raise; Outline of work being provided by the Performance audit being conducted by Matrix Corp;


Free lunch policy; Contract agreements;


Request to have the HR director compile a database showing what employees fall under which benefit category; Discussion regarding benefit categories;


NH Employment Securities Website; Discussion regarding compiling need information; Wages in an excel format; Prior study of Healthcare Options;


Discussion of a evaluation of benefits completed in recent years; Commissioners negotiations with Unions; Long term disability availability?; Personnel polices; Reference guide; Percentage of employees that reside in Carroll County;


Differences between departments with similar positions; Job titles consistency;


Scheduling the next Employee Compensation Subcommittee; 10:00 am July 21, 2014


Election of new Chairman of this Committee; Susan Ticehurst nominates Tom Lavender; Board appoints Tom Lavender as chair; Adjournment;

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