Carroll County Delegation Meeting | February 26, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Note: This Sub committee meeting is 5:13:05 in length and is audio only. Please use jump points to navigate the meeting contents.

Carroll County Delegation Subcommittee meeting from 2/26/18. The committee met to review the 2018 budgets of the following Departments: County Attorney; Victim Witness; Medical Referee; Department of public works and outside agencies: UNH Cooperative Extension; Whitehorse Addiction Center; RSVP; VNA Hospice;

The Sub Committee met at the County Complex, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 9:00 am.

Delegation members assigned to this committee: Mark McConkey, Glenn Cordelli, Gene Chandler, Lino Avellani, Tom Buco.

Delegation members present: Glenn Cordelli, Ed Comeau, Mark McConkey, Lino Avellani, Tom Bucco.

Other attendees: Ken Robishaud, County Admin. Amanda Bevard, Commissioner, David Babson, Commissioner.

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Chair Mark McConkey opens the meeting at 9:15 am and calls the meeting to order.


Review of County Attorney's budget;


Committee leaves Delegation room and tours the County Attorney's office to inspect carpet.


Committee returns to the Delegation room and continues with the County Attorney's budget.


Brief recess;


Committee reconvenes to review expenditures of the Department of Public Works (DPW)


Committee takes brief recess;


Committee reconvenes (Chair McConkey exits the room to get committee's lunch) Vice Chair Avellani continues with outside agencies: (Carroll County RSVP)


UNH Cooperative Extension funding request;


Whitehorse Addiction Center funding request;


Committee takes a brief recess;


Committee reconvenes to review; Child Advocacy; Avellani Motions to recommend; 2nd: McConkey; unanimous;


Visiting Nurses and Hospice funding request; Avellani motions to recommend; 2nd: Cordelli; Motion passes unanimously;


Carroll County Conservation District funding request; Avellani motions to recommend; 2nd: Cordelli; Motion passes unanimously;


Committee discusses a break down of funding; BEAS Costs;


Cooperative extension funding request; $238,937.00; Buco Motions to recommend; 2nd: Cordelli; Motion passes unanimously;


Whitehorse Addiction Center funding request; $100,000.00; McConkey Motions to recommend; 2nd: Cordelli; Motion passes unanimously;


RSVP Funding request: $55,000.00; Cordelli motions to recommend $55,000.00; McConkey amends the motion recommends: $60,000.00 to be in line with the Commissioners proposal of $60,000.00; 2nd Buco; [Discussion]: Avellani advises that RSVP consult with Whitehorse Addiction Services to develop a working relationship; Motion passes unanimously;


Chair McConkey motions to adjourn meeting; 2nd: Avellani; Motion passes unanimously;

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