Carroll County Delegation Meeting | July 9, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Committee met to process line item transfer request number #6; The Transfer Committee, (TRF) members are: Rep. Edie DesMarais, Lino Avellani, William Marsh, Tom Bucco. The meeting took place at 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee, 2nd floor Delegation room and began at 10:15 am.

Others Present: Rep. Ed Comeau, Commissioners: Dave Babson, Amanda Bevard, Terry McCarthy

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Call to order; 10:25; line item transfer #6; pledge; Marsh; Bucco; Ticehurst; Desmarais; Bevard; Robichaud; McCarthy; Babson; Municipal Resource Inc; history of hiring human resource director; Job description; performance audit recommendations; employee retention; using headhunters; MRI;


Head hunters; HR functions; hiring process; [advertising] line item; transfer #6; MRI: contract stipulations;


Transfer request #6; lack of appropriation; administrative salary line; HR selection process;


HR selection process; advertising internally; bidding proposals; waiving bid requirement; MV; Ticehurst Nay; 1st quarter review; 2nd quarter review; ACS bought by Avenue; Software modules; Delays caused by Avenue; information transfers;


Information transfers from ACS to Avenue; Cloud uploads; Adjourn; MV;

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