Concerned Residents of Wakefield Meeting | August 6, 2012

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the August 6, 2012, meeting of C.R.O.W. Concerned Residents of Wakefield, C.R.O.W. was formed by a group of concerned residents who believe communication among the various departments, leaders, and authorities of the town is vital. C.R.O.W. believes that constant contact with citizens of Wakefield is needed in order to maintain an awareness and understanding of the needs, hardships and interests of the people. This meeting was a candidate forum. Dick House started the evening with an update from the Union Village Community Association-0:01:12. The candidates that attended: Rick Parent- US Congress 0:11:30, Jeffery Ballard- US Senate- 0:35:00, Chris Conley- County Sheriff- 0:44:14. Carroll County Commissioner positions: Erik Corbett- 1:03:27, Jack Rose- 0:17:13, David Babson- 1:29:54, Neal Boyle- 1:49:59, Kathleen Maloney- 2:05:05.

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