Government Exposé Video | December 16, 2016

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Video Notes

At the 12/16/16 County Commissioners meeting:

County NH Commissioners discuss a Right to Know Request regarding Dental and Health premiums paid since 1998 for people who are dead or no longer employed at the County. Here Commissioner Babson complains of the cost of filling a Right to Know request asking for information that will uncover how much taxpayer funds were lost, but who may have used the benefits fraudulently. In this case the loss has never been investigated. The Commissioners are the responsible managers of County functions. Recently a whistle blower in the Benefits Coordinators office uncovered the mistake. The issue was brought to the commissioners and no investigation to uncover the loss and who was responsible has occurred. The right to know request is treated by the commission as a nuisance and costly. They clearly, through this discussion, hold no responsibility for their actions. Show no responsibility for the loss of taxpayer funds, but instead deflect and blame the publics right to know.


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