Government Exposé Video | June 13, 2017

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Ossipee NH Zoning Board meeting from 6/13/17. Board members: Chair: Stanley Brothers, Vice Chair: Ralph Wurster, James Rines, Chester “Ski” Kwiatkowski, Alternate: William Grover, Zoning Enforcement: Steve McConarty, and the Selectmen’s Rep: Robert C. Freeman, convene their meetings at 1 Moultonville Rd, Center Ossipee, and this meeting began at 7:00 pm. Board Secretary: Laura Nash.

In accordance with NH Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) 676:7 (I), the Town of Ossipee is required to notify all abutters to land intended for (Special Exception/ Variance/Administrative Appeal/Motion for Rehearing) be notified of the following proposal. You are hereby notified that Carroll County Superior Court issued a Court Order for a Motion to remand to the Ossipee Zoning Board of Adjustments to hold a Public Hearing on the case listed below:

Town of Freedom vs. Town of Ossipee – per RSA 676:5 III “Appeals to the Board of Adjustment” had previously filed a request challenging the decision rendered by the ZBA on 10/08/2016, for an Administrative Appeal of the Planning Board’s Site Plan Review approval for Case #16-3-SPR – Northgate Ossipee, LLC for Westward Shores Campground and Resort on 9/20/2016.

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