Brookfield Planning Meeting | April 9, 2012

Meeting Notes

TOWN OF BROOKFIELD PLANNING BOARD AGENDA Monday, April 9, 2012 1. 6:30 PM – Call to Order 2. Roll Call: Members, Alternates, Appointment of Alternates per RSA 673:11, 673:12 3. Announcements/Correspondence/Mail 4. Public Comments (Opportunities for comments from the public will also be provided at the time a matter is discussed, by show of hand and recognition by the chair person, as long as doing so will not disrupt the meeting.) 5. Review and possible approval of minutes for the March 26, 2012 Planning Board meeting. 6. Old Business- A. Conditional Use Application- Consideration and Possible Vote for Approval B. Permits- Clarification of Different Types of Applications C. CIP 7. New Business 8. Member Comments 9. Adjournment

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