Brookfield Planning Meeting | May 13, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Planning Board meeting from 513/13. The board met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and it began at 6:30 pm. A public hearing was held beginning at 7:00 pm to allow for input on a disc golf course being added to the Moose Mountain Recreation LLC.

00:20 Call to order, Selectmen Bill Nelson, Rob Collins, Geary Ciccarone, Jim Freeman, Ed Comeau, Steve Michaelski, Rick Surette,

02:43 Review and approval of previous meeting minutes.

15:53 Letter of appreciation to Ed Nason, former member, for his service to the board; letter is read into record.

19:57 Public Hearing to receive input on the application for a disc golf course installation at the Moose Mountain Lodge;

20:02 Rescinding a vote to accept the application from last meeting; due to a procedural error- board didn't notice the public that the application was being reviewed.

27:14 Vote to accept the completed application;

29:12 Public Hearing officially begins; Bob Bordeau, owner of the lodge gives presentation of the addition of the disc golf course.

36:20 Close of hearing;

38:48 Chuck Robbins, approached board to ask a question about lot lines; flow-age easements; merging rules;

57:04 Deliberation on Moose Mountain Recreation disc golf course; Board goes through the process of reviewing using the rules of procedure list; Business hours; safety during hunting season; parking; signage;

1:28:10 Legal Council letter: discussion ensues.

1:36:38 Old Business, CIP working document; discussion of Churchill School House; assessment of costs; discussion of questionnaire and special selectmen meetings that garnered public input; listing options;

1:51:11 Member Collins discusses the role of the planning board in the process of using CIP for the Churchill school house project; discussion of process;

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