Brookfield Planning Meeting | May 28, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Planning Board meeting from 5/28/13. The board met at the Town House, 267 Wentworth Rd and it began at 6:39 pm.

00:20 Roll Call; Rick Surrette, Geary Ciccarone, Rob Collins, Ed Comeau, Dick Peckham. Administrative Assistant- George Nick.

02:50 Letter from the Strafford Regional Planning Commission; 2014 membership dues payment request; project priority list; SRPC priority algorithm; NHDOT algorithm software Decision Lens; RSA;s governing RPC's; Housing needs assessment; Regional Master plan; State development plan; authority and responsibility of the RPC's by RSA's; discussion of legal requirement for being a member of RPC's versus paying dues to the RPC; vote to not pay SRPC dues;

28:30 Review of previous meeting minutes; May 13th; discussion of the portion of the minutes regarding a question raised by Chuck Robbins, owner of a lot around Kingswood Lake, about a lot line adjustments for drainage easement;

35:19 Discussion of CIP; Churchill School House cost proposals; questionnaire format and content;

Past Brookfield Planning Meetings