Brookfield Planning Meeting | June 10, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Planning Board meeting from 6/10/13. The board meets at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and it began at 6:30 pm.

00:03 Roll Call

02:00 Review and approval of previous meeting minutes.

03:58 Invoice from the Office of Energy and Planning.

05:52 Capital Improvement program; detailed quote; churchill school house; excavation of crawlspace; salmon falls report recommendations; moister control; hourly labor;

10:30 Foundation; footings; frost line; floor framing options;

18:08 Floor framing materials; costs; floor insulation; R values; closed cell foam;

23:05 Wall options; wains coating; recommendations from heritage commission- wains coating; outside access- electrical installation; 28:40 Restoration; purposes; plaster conditions; truss evaluation/ description; achieving old ascetics; ceiling conditions;

36:57 Bump out costs; small addition housing utilities; costs;

41:15 Capacity of existing septic systems; Tax burden; discretionary spending account;

45:25 Historic restoration options; existing plaster restoration technics;

58:45 Reading of possible summery on the questionnaire being sent out to the townspeople giving them viable options for the repair/ replacement/ demolition of schoolhouse; discussion of options;

1:03:56 Format of questionnaire;

1:11:40 Forming a committee for the Churchill school house;

1:13:37 Road book; format of binder; log; projections; maintenance log; pavement calculator; history of road work;

1:18:05 Other items on the capital improvement program; buildings; roads; computer assets; cemeteries; relevant RSA's governing CIP; transfer station; fire; police; is the Kingwood School part of CIP; apportionment of costs for fire, police and transfer station; discussion of revolving funds; solid waste committee;

1:28:50 discussion of annual cost for fire, police, ambulance and transfer station; revolving funds;

1:32:27 Liaison to Wakefield; emergency coordination;

1:36:40 CIP; advantages of paving; advantages of dirt roads; town cemetery; graves per acre; cemetery planning; playground; location of playground; location of cemetery;

1:42:19 Road Book; covert assessments; paving versus dirt; road maintenance; gage hill; Tibbets road; transferse cracks; cracks on Garney road; building a proper base;

1:47:31 Cleaning up Zoning ordinances; camping definition; definition of tent camping; paid camping; contradictions; lawyer review of zoning laws; LGC; master plan; review of master plan; date of update;

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