Brookfield Planning Meeting | November 14, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Planning Board meeting from 11/14/13. The board meets at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and this meeting began at 6:30 pm. This is the Subcommittee formed to clarify the REC 1 zoning rules and sub division regulations.

00:01 Committee attendance; Geary Ciccarone, Dick Peckham, Rob Collins; Ed Comeau, Richard Zacher; Scope of committee work; current procedures; subdivision regulations; ordinances; March 24th ballot; Warrant Articles; rules of procedure; Master Plan; reviewing Town Master Plan;

05:00 Master plan; proposed changes; review of Master Plan; subdivision regulations for RA and REC 1 Zone; subdivisions within REC 1 Zone;

10:00 reviewing subdivision requirements as they relate to the REC Zone; detailed review; recommendations to planning board; process of forming language to zoning document; Letter from Town Attorney; REC 1 Zone subdivision regulations; Lot line adjustment records; tax card information regarding REC 1 Zone; permitted uses; current use maps; lot requirements in REC 1 zoning ordinance; caretaker dwelling; clarifying permitted uses; Town of Lyme similar Zoning issue; NH Supreme court case; large minimum lot size; timber and forestry.

15:00 Large minimum lot sizes; restricting; defining; considering permitted uses in REC Zone; articulated goals; purpose section regarding REC 1; updating and clarifying purpose; town goals for REC Zone; listing zoning goals; communicating among committee; 91a requirements; Map of REC Zone; Boundary lines; tax map; master plan goals;

20:00 Focus areas REC 1 Zone; review of Master Plan; goals for REC Zone; existing subdivision regulations applicable to REC Zone; existing map review; lack of subdivision regulation in Rec. Zone;

25:00 review of maps; lot numbers; map 30 lot 2; re describing Rec. 1 Zone; deed descriptions of boundaries; lack of accuracy; accuracy of maps; recorded lot line adjustments within REC Zone; current uses within REC 1 Zone; current use maps;

30:00 Maps of current use; tax card; copies of REC 1 Deed; Map 30, 32, 13, 14 lot 2; land owned by NH Fish and Game;

35:00 Listing caretaker dwelling as permitted use; original intent of REC 1 Zone Warrant Article; Appendix A;

40:00 Better defining Rec. Zone; committee assignments; assessment cards; current use status; Zone versus Area; REC 1; inconsistent headings; the Zone;

45:00 Nason line adjustment; updated mapping and documentation; location of information; subdivision regulation review; inconsistent language in master plan regarding description of REC 1 Zone; working document- caretaker dwelling, building lot requirements; wording subdivision regulations; define better to prevent abuse;

50:00 Discussion- lot line adjustment limits;

55:00 Discussion- defining goals preventing residential subdivision in Rec. 1 Zone; permitted uses as acquired land by abutters;

1:00:00 Discussion- report on previous REC 1 Zone residential development;

1:05:00 Road frontage; residential abutters accessing REC 1 zone land; road frontage; recreational use; driveways; preventative language; non permitted uses; recreational business; minimum size lots; lot line adjustments; bocci courts; traffic influx; Rec. zone lot access from recreational lot; rights of property owner;

1:10:00 Listing questions and concerns to Town Attorney; Attorney involvement; clarifying goals and concerns; REC 1 boundary lines; methods of changing lines; appendix A; Town Attorney review of zoning ordinances

1:15:00 Accuracy of boundaries; cost of surveys; monument installation; Owner of Rec. zone survey plan; lot line adjustments within REC Zone; general provisions; conforming lot sizes;

1:20:00 Lot line adjustments within REC Zone; preventing residential development in REC Zone; prevent abuse of permitted uses; caretaker cottages; define lot lines regarding abutters; define subdivision of REC Zone; clarifying process; land use classifications; accessory dwelling units; history of adding caretaker dwellings; conditional uses; full service restaurant;

1:25:00 Bed and breakfast businesses; intent of caretaker dwelling; conditional uses; site plan review; conditions; intent of theatre use in REC Zone.

1:30:00 Considering Warrant articles; lot requirements; frontage; lot line adjustments; committee assignments; Deeds; maps; tax cards; Nason lot line adjustment; County Registrar of Deeds; scheduling next subcommittee meeting date; discussing 4 main goals of REC 1 zone issues with town attorney;

1:35:00 Town server problems; tax bills; reviewing REC 1 Zone ordinance for consistency; adding attorney email documents to minutes; process of forwarding draft minutes to Planning Board Administrative assistant;

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