Ossipee Planning Meeting | June 19, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Ossipee NH Planning Board meeting from 6/19/18. Board members: Chair: Condict Billings, Vice Chair: Roy Barron, Dennis Legendre, Peter Zavas, Tim Otterbach, Rick St. Jean, and the Selectmen’s Rep, Martha Eldridge, convene their meetings at 1 Moultonville Rd, Center Ossipee, and this meeting began at 7:00 pm. Board Secretary: Laura Nash.

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Call to order; 7:00 pm; Pledge of Allegiance;


Roll Call: Rick St. Jean, Martha Eldridge; Tim Otterbach, Peter Zavas; Dennis Legendre; Roy Barron. Connie Billings.


MOTION:M-Barron To approve the meeting minutes from June 5, 2018 2nd-Otterbach-Additions Barron: Berry Pit; reclamation comment.


MOTION TO AMEND: M-Barron To amend the motion to accept the meeting minutes from June 5, 2018 adding the language related to the Berry pit reclamation. 2nd-Otterbach———— V7-0


Verizon site plan application update; SPR granted pending remaining conditions: #1: Official Letter from Fire Chief approving the plan. Received 01/16/2018 – Pending final inspection letter from Fire Chief 05/25/2018 – Certified letter sent requesting an update of Fire Chief’s condition for a full fire alarm system.


Westward Shores: Certificate of Occupancy for the peninsula;


Morse Pit: Pending legal process of Original Reclamation plan and Court Order. Morse pit account: $6,874.25


INFORMAL DISCUSSION: New ice cream store located next to Ossipee House of Pizza in the building that housed Choppers Hair Salon; Proposed drive thru; Septic capacity;


INFORMAL DISCUSSION: New ice cream store located [Map 259 Lot 1000] next to Ossipee House of Pizza in the building that housed Choppers Hair Salon; Septic Capacity; Proposed drive thru; Site plans; Tables; Vegetable stand; Privacy fence;


MORSE PIT UPDATE: Awaiting Town Attorney response #RickSager.


GRAVEL PITS: Board deliberates and reviews the application for gravel pit operation; Grandfathering; Cost estimate chart; Reclamation; Gravel pit inspection process; Berry pit; Loam; Regional Prices; Hydro seeding; $2,200.00 5 acres; Top soil screened; Morse pit reclamation;

HEB Engineering; #JohnDay; P38 form; Selectmen authorization; Timber taxes; Planning Board jurisdiction for using taxes as a disqualifier for applications;


MOTION: M-Barron To remove section 6 from the gravel pit application form 2nd-Otterbach———— V7-0


GRAVEL PITS: Application review continued; Excavation permit; Alteration of terrain; Wetlands permits; 155 E-2; Certified lot plan; All state and federal requirements; Renewal; Expirations; Grandfathering; Method of payment; Ossipee Treasurer; Civil engineer; Surveyor; Separating the application from reclamation plan; Reclamation permit; 5 open acres;


GRAVEL PITS: PAGE 7; Review continued: Correspondence with gravel pit owners; #GaryCohen; #AmbroseBrothers; Signature blocks; Abutters notifications; Pit closure section;


CASE UPDATES:• Case#18-3-V-Rehearing, Ossipee Granite Recovery, LLC - Owner - 56 Main Street Ossipee, LLC, of 56 Main Street. Tax Map: 92 Lot: 122 was Granted a Conditional Variance for Ossipee Granit Recovery, LLC to open a Sober Living Facility/Transition Home


The board discusses the Chair's decision to recuse himself from the approval of the site plan for Granite Recovery. The board discusses recusing process;


MOTION: M-Billings To adjourn. 8:49:51 PM 2nd-Eldridge———— V7-0

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