Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization, Technical Advisory Committee Meeting | April 4, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Advisory Committee. (SMPO TAC) The purpose of the TAC is to provide technical advice and policy recommendations regarding transportation planning issues to the Commission. The TAC is also responsible for prioritizing regional transportation projects for inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program for New Hampshire. The meeting was held at the Rochester Community Center on 4/4/14, 150 Wakefield Street, Suite 12, conference room 1a and began at 9:00 am.

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Introductions; Rick Healy- Rochester; Victoria Parmela- Northwood; Paul Lockwood NHDES; Brad Nichols- Coast; Chris Parker- Dover; Wally Dunham- Madbury; John Hotchkiss- Middleton; Marilyn Barton- SRPC; Tom Crosby- ; Ed Comeau- Brookfield; Gregg Jones- SRPC; Dan Camara- SRPC; Marc Ambrosi- SRPC;


Staff communications; Marc Ambrosi, Transportation Planner, announces that he is moving to Colorado.


Review and approval of previous meeting minutes, March 7, 2014


Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Regional Master Plan Outreach report. Reviewing findings from outreach events and Local Master Plan Analysis;


Review of FHWA “Planning Factors” and Smart Growth Principles;


TAC committee input and guidance; decision lens process; Analytical Hierarchy Process; [Commissioners are given remote controls. The remotes allow questions to be answered that are presented in an excel document. The AHP is one of the multiple criteria decision making method that was originally developed by prof. Thomas L. Sasty. It provides measures of judgement consistency. It derives priorities among criteria and alternatives. It simplifies preference ratings among decision criteria using pari wise comparisons.]


Other business; Jones Brook Dam restoration project.

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