Strafford Regional Planning Commission Meeting | September 21, 2012

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford NH Regional Planning Commission's executive Committee meeting from 9/21/12. Vote to close the previous meeting- 00:01, Introductions- 01:15, Approval of previous minutes/ adopting strict Robert's Rules of Order/ Corrections- 02:10, Lou Vita, "OK, Hold it- everyone's talking at the same time"- 06:03, Seating of Alternates- 06:34, Brian Tapscott, "The handbook is pretty clear"-14:07, Cynthia Copeland, problems with random selection of alternates- 16:47, Amended motions, Ken Ortmann- 21:23, Vote to accept minutes- 23:45, Draft Financial Report, Cynthia Copeland- 27:04, Approval of motion to accept bad debt- 31:22, SRPC Business Credit Card, Tammy Butt- 32:10, Approval of motion to accept bank card- 34:20, 2014 Draft dues/ Which CPI to use?- 35:00, Approval of motion to accept draft- 44:39, Monthly Minor revisions- 47:08, Cultural Resources Post construction commitments for federal Highway eligible projects, Cynthia Copeland- 47:59, Motion to accept the Monthly minor revisions-51:43, Executive Directors Job Description review format- 51:58, Motion to recess to Policy meeting- 55:44, Meeting resumes/ Vote- 56:10, Executive Directors report- 56:46, "There seems to be alot of questions about the Granite State Future agreement?" 1:01:12, "This program has been in the papers, there seems to be alot of controversy- 1:03:36, Cynthia Copeland, It's on the Agenda for the September Commission meeting/ November, Open house meeting for Granite State Future-1:05:28, Cynthia Copeland "Our Commission Meeting"- 1:05:38, Policy Setting, Brian Tapscott, NHARPC Legislative Policy previous improper vote -1:10:06, Motion and Vote to rescind improper vote- 1:14:36, Updates, NH Rail Authority, Sandra Keans- 1:16:11, Discussion/ objection of NHARPC Legislative policy list Items- 1:24:54, Motion to adjourn- 1:33:09

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