Strafford Regional Planning Commission Meeting | September 20, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford NH Regional Planning Commission. The Commission meeting convened on March 15, 2013, Suite 12, 150 Wakefield Street, Rochester and began at 9:00am.

00:02 Introductions; approval of previous meeting minutes;

03:44 Exit 10 (Rochester) update; Rt. 108 improvements; B1 alternative; new access road; Blackwater Road; Rochester subdivision plans; wetland issues; 2003 environmental assessment study; congestion safety issues Rt. 108; Granite State Business Park;

08:23 movement of freight; truck traffic; local v. primary routes; business park access; Velcro; Thermotec; change crash data rate statistics; Route 108 pedestrian access, Coast Bus stops;

14:00 10 year plan; shortage of funding; Little Bay Bridge project; GACIT Hearing schedule; Discussion- comments in writing, project scoring, exit 10, DOT instructing SRPC staff not to score turnpike projects, DOT decision lens, DOT federal aid, highlighting military installations, funding for needs rather then wants; toll credits; expense of exit 10 projects; other regional projects; public private partnership funding opportunities;

27:47 GACIT Hearing report, Sommersworth meetings; presentation report on 10 year plan; 10 year plan parameters; anticipated funding sources, amounts; allocations; turnpike revenue- 120 million annually; toll booths 14- 20% of the 120 million; 90 million- past debts- 40 million, state police, preservation and maintenance and toll collection 60 million;

33:54 Why a toll increases is important; cost of deteriorated road systems; cost of maintenance; determent of not completing road maintenance; 500 miles per year; red list bridges; 7 year delay for red list bridge repair fund;

37:56 NHDOT Use of Decision lens software; scoring projects; community outreach; GACIT- Discussion of safety; distracted driving; fatalities; drunk driving; scoring projects- 29 intersections where scored; 35 bridge projects scored; 29 livability projects scored;

40:07 Lee centerline rumble strip installation; alternative modes; downshifting from State to local municipal responsibilities for transit; CMAQ funding; purchase of vehicles; dedicating funds for rail; replacement of transit vehicles; pedestrian and bicycle access; Bicycle shoulder installation; Bicycle access synergy with local economy;

47:55 Discussion- consideration of park and ride facilities north of Rochester; CMAQ funding; Rochester park and ride; Lee park and ride; loss of Barrington park and ride project;

51:00 Discussion- consideration of park and ride facilities north of Rochester; businesses in Albany; Rt. 16 and 109;

53:40 Public participation; engaging public private partnerships; public participation plan update; discussion of plan process; title 6 and environmental justice; Federal Highways requirements; current methodology;

57:13 project updates; awarding of Tiger Grants; upgrading rail; acton ridge road crossings; Sommersworth mill crossing; Ossipee aggregates spur wash out repair; improvements on North Coast Rail Line; considering seasonal passenger rail; Pan Am interchange;

1:02:40 2013 Heritage Award to Ed Janson; discussion- Rt. 4 in Dover accidents and fatalities; decreasing speed limit process; Old Mill Lane curve; design parameters, rumble strips; speed enforcement; approaching Rt. 4 issues

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