Strafford Regional Planning Commission Meeting | November 15, 2013

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford NH Regional Planning Commission. The Commission meeting convened on November 15, 2013, Suite 12, 150 Wakefield Street, Rochester and began at 9:00am. Taken from, Click Here

00:01 Introductions; introducing Tom Burbank's, Madbury; staff communications; announcement of next commissioners meeting; Cynthia Copeland offers a remembrance comment regarding the death of Ray Burton, Executive Councilor; Copeland lists projects the Councilor was involved with; CMAQ; UNH; freight and rail; Steve Peci’s tribute; Click Here to read tribute

05:00 Copeland reports on the tragic loss of Rob Kirby; Click Here for report; opening public hearing; Dan Camara presents Transportation Improvement plan (TIP) amendment #3; public participation plan; Rochester new public transit wildcat; Dover, Little Bay Bridge Project;

10:00 NHDOT bridge improvements; reclamation and rehab to secondary highways; signalization projects; report of public comments; CMAQ FTA funding; Statewide signal optimization lists; Sommersworth Route 9 signals; NH 108, NH 236; US202, Spaulding Turnpike North and South bound; within the urban compact;

15:00 Discussion of locations of signal optimizations and projects within amendment list; transit operations; public participation plan; MPO requirements; method of communications with public; discussion- process of creating public participation plan;

20:00 Discussion- process of creating public participation plan; goals; social media; twitter; website improvement; Paul Lockwood, under represented populations; performance measures; defining stakeholders; quantifiable goals; providing opportunities for public comment; Federal Highway review process;

25:00 Utilizing social networking to provide opportunities; public hearing closed; motion and vote; unanimous; acceptance of previous meeting minutes; Steve Brown, Wakefield, abstains; motion to accept the transportation improvement plan amendment 3; motion and vote; motion to accept the public participation plan with technical updates; 2nd for discussion; Ed Comeau, Brookfield, comments that the public response of one commissioner and one NHDES is unacceptable; utilizing facebook; Click Here to visit the SRPC facebook page you will need a face book account to access this page;

30:00 Utilizing social networking; gathering followers; Bob Jaffin, Rochester, requests that social networking comments should be added to the public participation plan comment section; member communities; utilizing Government Channels; motion and vote to accept the public participation plan; 3 nays; Bob Jaffin; Ed Comeau; Steve Brown; ARC GiS online presentation; data collection program app; sharing map viewer;

35:00 Examples; Durham Trail System; creation processes; content; process of embedding in website; templates; examples offered; map viewer example; example of toggling data or map layers; TOPO map; base maps; measuring; navigations;

40:00 Click Here to visit ARCGiS Online website examples and presentation continues;

45:00 Discussion and presentation continues for ARC Gis online web application examples;

50:00 Discussion continues for ARC Gis online web application; demonstrations to towns; demonstrations on government PEG channels;

55:00 Commissioners providing demonstrations to member towns; use of smart phone code prints; train stations; information kiosks;

1:00:00 Project updates; bus service route report; schedules; discussion- report of improvements on NH 125; congestion; creating bus schedules; ridership marketing bus service; reporting on bus ridership successes; park and ride; concerns of congestion on Rt. 4; Rt. 4 125 park and ride funding source; CMAQ Committee;

1:05:00 Other business- announcement of final, Governors Advisory Commission on Intermodel Transportation- (GACIT) hearing November 20th; executive councilors review of suggestions and public comments; no agenda item for public participation; DOT 7 Hazen Drive; funding turnpike system; report of 9 business leaders attending GACIT;

1:10:00 Report of 9 business leaders attending GACIT; Toll increases; support to increases of tolls on turnpike; public support as long as the funding stays within the NH State; some regions want tolls removed; regions support of tolls; Gas tax increasing investment in local transportation projects; Dover side of Little Bay Bridge project funding; State versus Federal side of project; complete streets NH 108 project; U alternative; Draft DiS plan concept; transportation system management;

1:15:00 Dedicated Toll funding sources; gas taxes; which funds are matching funds; definition of toll credits; toll money used for federal highways; Technology transfer system update; GiS layers; sidewalk data; cost estimate system; sidewalk replacement; report of meeting; report of a Concord State Agency meeting; collecting and handling restricted data;

1:20:00 Collecting and handling restricted data; electric grid security; national security; pipeline security; purchased plotter for large format printing; protecting sensitive information;

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