Strafford Regional Planning Commission Meeting | May 16, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Strafford NH Regional Planning Commission. The Commission meeting convened on 5/16/14, Suite 12, 150 Wakefield Street, Rochester and began at 9:00am.

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Public hearing opens regarding a change in the SRPC Prospectus; Changing the Public Comment timeframe for adoption of Transportation Improvement Plans (TIP) to add: 10-30 days rather then 30 days;


Cynthia Copeland, SRPC Executive director, reads the comments and concerns made by the TAC Technical Advisory Committee;


Cynthia Copeland, reads the motion made by Paul Lockwood, NHDES, that outlines the recommendation to add a 10- 30 day public comment period to the SRPC Prospectus. Copeland clarifies the TAC vote; discussion of the process that will control the addition of the 10 -30 day change.


NHDOT representative, speaks to the merits of the 10- 30 day change; SRPC members discuss the new change;


Staff communications: Marylyn Barton, announces the upcoming annual meeting at the Madbury Town Hall.


Motion [Connors] to approve the previous meeting minutes of March 21, 2014; Second [Comeau]; Vote: 2 abstentions, motion carries.


Motion [Ortmann] to accept the prospectus update; with the addition that the interagency group provide for a process for determining what governs the 10- 30 day comment period; Second [Parmela]; Vote: 1 nay- Brown, motion carries.


Discussion Items; Grow America Act; (Obama Administrations new Highway transportation funding); 70 Billion Dollars; Click here to view the USDOT website; Senate Committee Map 21 reauthorization; MAP 21 expires in September 2014;


NHDOT adds comments regarding the Highway Trust Fund; The US highway trust fund runs out of funds in June 2014;


Ed Comeau, Brookfield, comments to the commission members regarding the lack of response from commission members regarding the National Debt and their lack of response to government spending; Re; Grow America Act; MAP 21; US transportation spending;


Project updates; Mills Scenic Byway program; [Cynthia Copeland] presents:


Question: "What is meant by a comprehensive inventory of resources and services"; Regulatory versus non Regulatory; designations of voluntary management teams; local planning board involvement; Natural Resource Inventories;


Member Ken Ortmann; Clarification between Scenic Mills Byway and Scenic Roads;


Gregg Jones, SRPC staff; SADES program update; State wide access data exchange program.


Ken Ortmann; discusses a previous trespass charge by a Rochester resident; the resident alleged that during a culvert assessment the SRPC staff had trespassed on his property.

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