Tamworth Planning Meeting | June 13, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Tamworth NH Planning Board meeting from 6/13/18. The board convened this meeting at Tamworth Town Offices, 84 Main Street, This meeting began at 7:00 pm. Planning members: Chair: Sheldon Perry Vice Chair: Becca Boyden Secretary: Andy Fisher: Secretary. Treasurer: Eric Dube Members at Large: Pat Farley, Nichole Mayer-Whiteside, Kathi Padgett and Dom Bergen. Selectmen’s Rep: Aaron Ricker. Administrative assistant: Melisa Donaldson.

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Planning meetings are scheduled every 4th Wednesday at 7:00pm.

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Call to order; 7:00 pm;

Kathi Padgett-

Any Fisher-

Becca Boyden-

Sheldon Perry-

Eric Dube-

Pat Farley-

Aaron Ricker-


Lakes Region Planning Commission annual meeting; Nominations; Awards; Public Septic systems; #davidlittle; #Tracy; #Wendy;


State building code review review form; Fire Chief approval [a review]


Capital Improvement Plan process: CIP Committee; Master Plan implementation; Buildout analysis; CIP updates; Tiny Home ordinance; GEO referencing-[tax map data];


Library Trustee letter; Strategic Planning meetings; Master Plan Community involvement;


Encouraging; Promoting; affordable housing; Zoning ordinances versus no zoning ordinances; Economic Development Council (EDC); Tamworth Visitors Center (TVC);


MOTION: M-Boyden That the planning board ask the selectmen to explore the cost of and pursuing geo referencing for town tax maps.. 2nd-Fisher-Discussion construction of motion V7-0


Cell Tower Ordinance; Overview of federal and state requirements; Time requirements and deadlines; NHMA; Ordinance template;


Broadband internet access; Municipal Bonding;


MOTION: M-Boyden That the Board of Selectmen put providing broadband...high speed broadband...internet service..for all residents and businesses in the town one of the top priorities..of what is listed under their responsibilities..in the master plan..dealing with utilities and public service.. 2nd-Fisher- V7-0


Broadband access discussion continued:


Land use; Planning board section of master plan; Responsibilities; Wetlands ordinance; Groundwater protection ordinance; #Ossipeeplanning; Regional impacts; Build out analysis; 2020: $15,000.00;


Transportation section of master plan:


MOTION: M-Perry I'd make a motion..again to the select board...that we want to...that a bike path from..to Whittier..essentially the Brett School...is..should be a very high priority.. 2nd-Boyden- V7-0


Master plan; Community facilities; Class 6 road study; Chapter 6; CIP; Municipal facilities study; Building code approval; Regional Recycling; Single Stream; China; Paper


Master Plan: Economic Development: Community facilities; Natural resources; Steep slope regulations; #Wildlifecorridors; Conservation easements; Public lands; Acquiring town forests; Tamworth Conservation Commission;


Master Plan: Natural Hazards; Emergency management plan; Flood plain ordinance; Fire safety codes; Monitoring rental properties;


Master plan; Recreation; Activity communication to public;


Master plan: Utilities and public service; Local health ordinance; RSA 147:1; Incentives for building green; #Zoningordinances; Community survey; Village association septic system;


Master plan; Cultural an historical resources: Regional concerns; LRPC; Regional cooperation;


Master plan; Housing; Cluster development; #zoningordinance; CIP expense; Build out analysis; Cost projections; Upcoming hearings; Scenic roads; Fairpoint scenic road application; Digital copies of application;


MOTION: M-Farley Motion to adjourn; 8:03:12 pm; 2nd-Fisher- V7-0

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