Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | March 10, 2014

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 3/10/14. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

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Meeting analysis: Complete

Encrypted analysis: 4aD8MQwnqRm87QDjhagPZ3f3CVEyU86k


Review of incoming mail; [Bill Nelson]; [Brian Robisheau]; [Richard Zacher]; trust fund account totals that were sent to the State of New Hampshire; Eastern Lakes Housing Coalition; GWSD- School Board meeting notice; invoice from legal council regarding Fairpoint, assessments and 91-a requests; Mitchell Group- Bureau of Tax and Land Appeals; BTLA hearings; Town Report printing; Fire Alarm reinstallation within the Churchill School House project; [Marilou Maclean]; School District tax bill; Town website domain name registration; Town electrician, Bob Sonricker; Universal Building Systems, invoice payment #5; Traditional Trades- School House HVAC installation;


[Marilou Maclean] reports on the Churchill School House project budget as of February 2014; [Bill Nelson]; locating School House Chimney bricks; [Geary Ciccarone]; [Ed Nason]; Old Safe temporary storage; [Brian Robisheau]; [Dianna Peckham];


[Dave Guttadauro]; reserve fund account balance; Reserve fund purpose; [Richard Zacher];


[Marilou Maclean], requests that the Brookfield Town property be posted as smoke free; [Bill Nelson]; [Richard Zacher]; [Brian Robisheau]; [Dianna Peckham]; Motion to acquire signs and establish a smoke free "campus"; 2nd; passes unanimous;


Tax Collector, [Dianna Peckham], reports; Lien and Deeding process; list of Liens; unpaid taxes total; Perfecting the liens; Carroll County Registrar of Deeds; interest rate; uncollected tax amounts; [Rose Zacher]; Barrington notice versus delinquent notice processes; history of tax sales; Area Land Trust; [Geary Ciccarone];


Planning Board Liaison Report; [Geary Ciccarone];


Road Agent/ Code enforcement officer liaison report; [Ed Nason];


Radiation detector equipment; Emergency Management; [Bill Nelson]; [Richard Zacher]; [Brian Robisheau]; [Ed Nason];


Approval of previous meeting minutes; [Bill Nelson]; [Brian Robisheau]; [Richard Zacher]; February 25 2014; 2nd; unanimous;


Old Business; [Bill Nelson]; [Jessica Robisheau]; new Avatar contract; new reassessments; moving items within the Churchill School House; [Geary Ciccarone]; Chimney bricks;


Plumbing RFP, Request for Proposal; Churchill School House; [Richard Zacher], [Geary Ciccarone]; [Brian Robisheau]; [Bill Nelson]; Electrical completion; insulation; window installation; lighting installation;

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