Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | February 23, 2016

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 2/23/16. The Selectmen, Chair: Brian Robisheau, Bill Nelson, Vice Chair and Richard Zacher convene their meetings at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd, in the Town Offices. The meetings begin and at 6:30 pm every 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

Visit the Selectmen’s webpage here:

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NH DOT; Tim Boudey; Bob Libby; Doug Gosling; Tim Wentworth Road; Churchill Brook Bridge closure; April 2016; NH DOT presents the project and timeline for replacing the Deck on the Bridge; April- July; Wing wall installation; Guardrail; Warning signage;


Review of previous meeting minutes; Jan 26 2016; Feb 4 2016; Feb 11 2016; 2016; Feb 11, 2016; Brice Drive Meeting minutes forth coming;


Treasurer's Report; account totals; DRA Portal reports; Primex quote; property and liability; DRA Website support; Warrant article DRA proofreading; DRA portal training videos;


Tax collector; Unpaid taxes report; $200,00; going to lien; going to deed;


Administrative Assistant report; Town Report completion; NH RX card; Medication Bridge;


Planning Board Report letter to Selectmen regarding Strafford Regional Planning Commission appointments;


Road Agent report; Timber tax worksheets; Building permit process; Warm temperature road postings;


Planning Board budget; Administrative assistant salary;


Cemetery trustees update; Rules; Rites to inter;


Town House electrical; [Process discussion]


New Business; Zoning Board of adjustment appointment; [Ernie Brown]


Warrant articles presentation at Town meeting; Selectmen select who will speak to town Warrant articles;


Signing of bills; Correspondence; Medication Bridge; Election day set up;

Past Brookfield Selectmen Meetings