Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | May 10, 2016

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Meeting Notes

Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 5/10/16. The Selectmen: Chair: Richard Zacher, Vice Chair: Representative Bill Nelson and Clerk: Brian Robisheau, convene their meetings at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. The meetings begin at 6:30 pm every 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

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Meeting minutes; April 26, 2016; Stoneham public posting board;


Treasurers report; [Marilou MaClean] account totals; Meredith Savings: 144,410.95; Savings: 292,915.81; profile; deposits 137,100.00; total; 574,648.86; School District bill: 123,250.00 May and June; Wakefield bill: 141,975.00; total bills due; 583,129.00; tax anticipation note line of credit; Meredith Savings TAN;


Labor law seminar report; weekly; monthly employee pay; State law; State exemptions; property and liability policy review and signature;


Tax collectors report; [Rose Zacher] yield tax warrants; property deeding; 2013 taxes; Abstractor report; property sold; quick claim deed; deed waiver; [Grimes];


Planning Board meeting time; Code Enforcement Officer, report; [Ed Nason] intent to cut; tax map 9,10,11,12; map 4 lot, 11; Tibbits Hill; Lyford Rd; [Benson]; building permits; Moose Mountain Rd;


Road Agent report; [Ed Nason]; Tumbledown Rd grading; gravel; Primose Dr; Camp Rd; Lyford Rd oak tree removal; grade and raking; ditches; Robinson; Lyford; Cottell Hill; Eaton; Walker; Cedar Park cold patch; Stoneham Rd grinding;


Road agent cell phone compensation; usage; 50.00 per month stipend; transferring ownership of cell phone account;


Conservation Commission; donation check offered to CC; general fund versus Conservation fund; Lakes Region Conservation Trust; Moose Mountain Greenways;


Heritage Commission report [Maclean]; Rick Surrette; Barbecue; August 13, 2016; Old Home Day; Memphis style Barbecue; Town House Electrical; [Arron Dame];


Old Business; update on reverse 911 procedure and usage; Pole license process; Stonewalls; right of way installation; Attorney advice; master list of poles;


New Business; Welcome refrigerator magnet; Town Stamp; Facebook Page; incoming calls into the Town; call greeting; tax bill mailings; website; office hours;


Contract negotiations; Avatar; Gregg Nichols; RFP bids creation; 30.00 per hour charge for creation of RFP's; contract creation;


Town House Electrical upgrade; fire alarm;


Public comments; County Delegation meeting; May 16, 2016; Carroll County Agricultural Learning Center; Remic Farm Museum Tamworth; TWC; Cable Committee; build out; mail and bills;


Mail and Bills; Medication bridge; Tri County Cap letter of thanks; Bank statements; tax bills; outstanding taxes; 2013; 2014; 2015; Grant Review Committee; Homeland Security; prebuy oil proposal; Facebook page creation; Email from Homeland Security, Emergency management; matching grant;

Past Brookfield Selectmen Meetings