Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | October 24, 2017

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Meeting Notes

Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 10/24/17. The Selectmen: Chair: Richard Zacher, Vice Chair: Brian Robisheau and Rick Surrette convene meetings at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. This meeting began at 6:30 pm

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Location coordinates

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Pledge; October 10, 2017 meeting minute review and acceptance; MV Public comments: Road paving, Tucker Road; process of dirt road paving; Road agent review; Tucker road pot holes;


Exiting Tucker Road issue; installation of apron; erosion; Brive Drive mailbox installation; Brice Drive surveying update; Tax Collector report; Newsletter completion process;


Newsletter completion process; November 15, 2017; Planning Board meeting report; October 19, 2017; RTK request for board minutes from 2008-2009; Master Plan Survey; gravel pit inspections; public comment abutter: Stumps in Smith gravel pit;


public comment Smith pit abutter; Stumps in Smith gravel pit; porcupines damaging trees; access to pit during planning board inspections; Heritage Commission report presentation: Some Historic Homes on Governor's Road; Grace Ferguson; Brookfield; Wakefield Historic Society; Gregg Evans; Mariou Maclean; Veterans Day Dinner; Moose Mountain String Band;


Old Business Start date for roof replacement; Budget workshop; Thursday October 26, 2017 7:30 am; Review of Bills porter office machines; NH Secretary of State; Town Attorney; IDS Dog tags; Ossipee aggregates; Wakefield Food Pantry; CIA Tech. Tax maps; Heritage Commission: Membership Fee: NH Preservation Alliance; Ever-source; MV County tax bill: 131,144$; Generator


Generator Battery replacement; Current use seminar; Moultonborough; Municipal Conference: Manchester; Taping of Fish and Game Commission; Taping of Governor Wentworth Regional School district;

Past Brookfield Selectmen Meetings