Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | June 12, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 6/12/18. The Selectmen: Chair: Brian Robisheau, Vice Chair: Rick Surrette and Clerk: Richard Zacher convene meetings at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. This meeting began at 6:30 pm. Treasurer: Marilou Maclean, Administrative Assistant: Laurie Champy.

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Pledge of allegiance


Call to order: Selectmen: Richard Zacher; Brian Robisheau; Rick Surette; Treasurer: Marilou MacLean; Admin. Assistant: Laurie Champy; Tax Collector: Diane Peckham; Deputy Tax Collector: Rose Zacher; Archivist: Gregg Evans; Planning member: Diane Smith; Rep. Ed Comeau; Road Agent/ code enforcer: Ed Nason; Public: Fred Cann;


Moment of silence in remembrance of resident Forrest Lund.


MOTION: M-Surette To approve the May 8, 2018 meeting minutes 2nd-Robisheau V2-0-1 Zacher abstains


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Moose Mountain Road; loss of road edge; Letter of thanks for Rt. 109 resurfacing; Truck traffic; Brice Drive paving; Dust control;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC); Transportation Alternative Program (TAP); available federal grants; Access to Clark Road (trail head to rail trail); Broadband Workshop report provided by Dianne Smith (SRPC) Brookfield Commissioner; Katherine B. Miller, ESQ. invitation to appear before Select Board regarding franchise agreements and broadband internet access.


TREASURER REPORT: Excess funds investments; NH Public Deposit Investment Pool; 1.87%; school district July payment: 4 months: $700,000.00; BOS affirming MacLean as treasurer;


TREASURER REPORT: MOTION: M-Robisheau To affirm in a motion that Marilou Maclean is the town treasure and her term expires in __-inaudible and to allow treasurer to move excess funds... anything in the excess of $250,000.00 to the NH Public Deposit investment Pool, soon as paperwork is approved and completed. 2nd-Zacher V3-0


TREASURER REPORT: MOTION: M-Robisheau That we make Rick Zacher the second signatory to the account. 2nd-Surette V3-0


TREASURER REPORT: _-May report dispersed.


TAX COLLECTOR REPORT: May- July 2, $987,824.00 Tax warrant; received: $189,191.50 with $30.000.00 credits assigned; Unpaid tax payment agreements; Liens; deeding;


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT REPORT: Website upgrade update; (SRPC) member Dues response letter; audit trail; Water testing; Test kit;


MOTION: M-Robisheau That Laurie go ahead and get the necessary documentation to become a notary for us....(Laurie Champy admin assistant) 2nd-Surette V3-0


PLANNING BOARD REPORT: Next meeting June 22, 2018; Master plan survey forms;


CODE ENFORCEMENT/ ROAD AGENT: MOTION: M-Robisheau Activity tax warrant; excavation; $26.16; Tom Smith- Sanbornville; 2nd-Zacher V3-0



Intent to cut: Walker 26L 18; Mackillop 67a, 67b, 67;

CODE: Ongoing permit filings; 2 house permits;


ROAD AGENT: Cold patch; Tree removal; Tumble Down Road sign installation; Class 5 to summer camp tumble down dick road spring fix up; Road grading; Road Paving; Bridge Engineering; Stump grinding; (Front of Town Offices); UPN cold patch;


HERITAGE COMMISSION UPDATE: Churchill School House bookcase moved to Wakefield Historical Society school; August 4, 2018 Town Barbecue;


CEMETERY TRUSTEES: June 14, 2018; Setting flag pole; finish work on memorial area;


BROOKFIELD GRANT REVIEW COMMITTEE REPORT: NH Fish and Game small grant application; Forest Management Plan; Local Emergency Operation Plan (LEOP); Hazard Mitigation Plan; Forest Fire Truck; Trail access point; Transportation Alternative Program; School District Budget committee letter from Ossipee BOS;


GWRSD School District Budget committee letter from Ossipee BOS;


OLD BUSINESS: Town office roof replacement completion;


OLD BUSINESS: TOWN HOUSE MAINTENANCE PROPOSAL REVIEW: Handicap ramp; painting bids; Ramp proposal; Dover: aluminum ramp; ADA compliance; modular systems; anti slip feature;


OLD BUSINESS: Pole license agreements; Public hearing process; Attorney review; Sheriff notices: RSA 42:2


OLD BUSINESS: Town Offices attic cleaning; Recycling of old computer equipment; Attic organization; Retention of records policy;


NEW BUSINESS: Contract of services; Liability; Creation of standardized contracts; NHMA; Mulch and grounds keeping; Lawn mowing; Community services;


NEW BUSINESS: Cable franchise agreement negotiation; inviting Attorney Miller to attend the June 26, 2018;


MOTION: M-Robisheau To approve a veterans tax exemption: $250.00 2nd-Zacher V3-0


MOTION: M-Robisheau To accept this land use change tax warrant; $250.00;
2nd-Zacher V3-0


MOTION: M-Robisheau To accept an application for current use: Stoneham Rd; Map 4 lot 22; 2nd-Surette V3-0


Letter from NHDES regarding an expired construction approval; Mead Dam Road; Map 28 Lot 2a, 3; Expired construction approval Governors Road, Map 12 Lot 1; DOT contact list update; City of Nashua: pole licenses- pre hearing conference; #fairpoint; #eversource;


Notification that Lakes Region Conservation Trust has filed to be a charitable trust; I-90;


BILLS: Kinville invoice for cemetery work; $2,000.00; Barlett tree services: $270.00 cemetery tree fertilization; TENS Construction: $5,345.00 period through 6/9/18; School Tax payment: $143,828.00; AH Harris: batch of cold patch: 50 units: $787.50; Crushed stone Ossipee aggregates: $270.71; Eversource: $16.23; Carroll County Registrar: $69.00- tax lien reporting; Seacoast media: Planning Board notices; $80.00; Heritage Commission: $200.00: Copy rights; $300.00 Staples; $23.91; SRPC- Land Use Books; Internet: $42.16; Phone service: $83.99; Archivist: $410.00 Jan- Apr; Gafney Library: $7,000.00 half payment of $14,000.00; Heritage commission raised: $200.00 towards veterans memorial; Transfer to trust funds $200.00; Mitchel: $42.20; Food Pantry: $1,000.00; Town of Wakefield: $88,770.81 second quarter;


MOTION: M-Robisheau To accept and pay the bills as read into the record by Selectmen Zacher 2nd-Zacher V3-0


White Mountain Oil; Contract; BOS signs bills;


Meeting adjourned: 8:21 pm;

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