Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | June 26, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 6/26/18. The Selectmen: Chair: Brian Robisheau, Vice Chair: Rick Surrette and Clerk: Richard Zacher convene meetings at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. This meeting began at 6:30 pm. Treasurer: Marilou Maclean, Administrative Assistant: Laurie Champy.

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Call to order; 6:30 pm;


Roll call: Richard Zacher; Brian Robisheau; Pledge of Allegiance;


Cable franchise agreements; Katherine B. Miller, Esq. Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, PLLC;


Katherine B. Miller, Esq. Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, PLLC discusses options to cable franchise agreements; Charter Communications; Federal Trade Commission; Adelphia; Time Warner; Internet/ voice products; Selectmen jurisdiction; Federal Communications Commission; Public Utilities Commission; Regulation; Consolidated Communications; DSL; Internet coverage; Economic monopolies; Fiber; Video content; Hulu; Amazon; Right of way; installation of utility poles; Buildout barriers; Spectrum; Audit requirements; Insurance certificates; Expired franchise agreements; Limited representation; Forcing a renewal of franchise agreements; Sharing cost; Comcast; Metrocast; Atlantic Broadband; Internet regulation; Net Neutrality; Local and State jurisdiction; Public private partnerships; Economic Development;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Internet access and it's effect on real estate sales; System capacity; Importance of node location; TDS Corp.; Pole attachment rules; $10- $20,000.00 per mile; Consolidated;


Expired franchise agreement; 911 mapping; Cable survey; Broadband map;


MOTION: M-Zacher To approve the June 12, 2018 Selectmen meeting minutes. 2nd-Robisheau-Amendment-Correction Amend road classification: "class 5 to summer camps" V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;


TREASURERS REPORT: Renewal of Property and Liability policy; Red list bridge designation; Lack of bridge liability; Workman's compensation audit;


TAX COLLECTOR REPORT: Tax warrant: $987,824.00; Collected as of 6/26/18= $627,563.00; Balance owed:=$331,212.90; Town of Wakefield billing= $160.000.00; County billing=$100,000.00 +/-


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT REPORT: Strafford Regional Planning Commission Dues; Water testing; Letter of denial to pay dues;


PLANNING BOARD REPORT: Planning board vote not to pay dues; Letter of refusal; Master plan; Informal discussion regarding a lot line adjustment;


CODE ENFORCEMENT REPORT: Intent to cut: Map 23 Lot 6 109 Wolfeboro line; MOTION: M-Zacher *Yield tax: $30.08 Map 30 Lot 3; 2nd-Robisheau V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;


CODE ENFORCEMENT REPORT: MOTION: M-Zacher Timber tax warrants; Map 09, Lot 1, 10, 11, 12; Map 26 Lot 18; $5,200.00; $1,700.00; Map 4 Lot 10 $110.93; Map 4 Lot 8 $45.02; Map 4 Lot 11 $102.02; 2nd-Robisheau-Discussion-process of timber tax calculations V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;

Building permits;


ROAD AGENT REPORT: Cold patch; Crack sealing; Weather; Holden Engineering; Moose Mountain Bridge; Request for update; Grading; Paving companies; Pike Brook; Tumbledown Dick Road; Resident feedback on Pike Brook Rd; Brining; Brice Drive utility pole; Cost of relocation of utility poles; Eversource;


HERITAGE COMMISSION REPORT: Town barbecue; 2019 225th Town incorporation; Installation of banner;


CEMETERY TRUSTEES REPORT: Veterans memorial; Flag pole installation; New cemetery graveyard trust accounts;


GRANT REVIEW COMMITTEE REPORT: Local Emergency Operation Plan; LEOP; Fish and Game Small grant- Forest Management Plan; Forester;


TOWN HOUSE MAINTENANCE PLAN: Handicap ramp installation; Warrantee; Level Ramping Solutions; $5,050.00; Rot repair if needed is not included;
MOTION: M-Robisheau Accept proposal of $5,050.00 to install an aluminum handicap ramp. 2nd-Zacher V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;


Pole license agreements; Town offices attic clean out; Town standard contract;


PROPANE BIDS: Down East energy: $1.399 3,000 gallons min. ;Rynes $1.56 based on 3,000 gallons; White Mountain: $1.67 ; MOTION: M-Zacher To accept the bid from White Mountain Propane at the price of $1.60- $1.67 2nd-Robisheau V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;


Town maintenance contractor needed for small repairs; Town offices rug cleaning; Town Hall Painting; Cable franchise attorney; Town attorney; Town coffee;


LETTER FROM OSSIPEE: Regarding School budget committee; [Letter read into record]; Rod Wood: P28 form 2019; Taxpayer inventory;


MOTION: M-Zacher To agree with the Planning Board and not pay the SRPC member dues, sign refusal letter and send. 2nd-Robisheau V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;


PUBLIC COMMENTS: SRPC Dues signing letter; No statutory requirement to sign refusal letter; Letter from Ossipee Selectmen; Area Selectmen meetings;


BILL SIGNING; Ocean state job lot; $46.98 rug cleaner rental; Marilou MacLean auditors lunch: $42.41; Staples $170.71; Avatar: $123.75; Carroll County Registrar: $21.00; George Nick: LCHIP=$25.00; [Eversource: $16.23; $115.84]; Flagworks: Cemetery flag pole: $1,780.00; AG Dept. dog licenses: $231.50; Tri County cap: $4,000.00; Mitchum municipal group: $192.28; Dame Electric: Generator Maintenance: $150.00;


Panic buttons; Eversource charges; Laura Spector: Town Attorney; Voting location; Take down voting booths; Town House voting moving to Town offices;


MOTION: M-Robisheau To accept the bills as read into the record. 2nd-Zacher V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;


MOTION: M-Robisheau To adjourn: 8:31 pm. 2nd-Zacher V-Robisheau-Y; Zacher-Y;

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