Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | August 28, 2018

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Meeting Notes

Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting 8/28/18. The Selectmen: Chair: Brian Robisheau, Vice Chair: Rick Surette and Clerk: Richard Zacher convene meetings at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. This meeting began at 6:30 pm. Treasurer: Marilou Maclean, Administrative Assistant: Laurie Champy.

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Encrypted analysis: sTIVlwRISexISpipH9broViFIf0voFeF


Call to order; Pledge;


MOTION: Robisheau: To accept the August 14...special public hearing meeting minutes as drafted.

2ND: Zacher

VOTE: Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-abstain;


MOTION: Zacher: We have the regular August 14, [2018]..meeting minutes for the board of selectmen presented...

2ND: Robisheau

VOTE: Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-Y;


Call for public comments: NONE.


TREASURERS REPORT: Checks to sign; bills to approve; revised revenue; MS-434; setting tax rate; DRA portal; MS-1: SWaxIcri1aPra3hEmUp0LtrijogiWade ;


TAX COLLECTOR REPORT; tax collectors conference; invoice;


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT REPORT: New website upgrade; user list; department head use; Board Chair access; Meeting postings; Existing process of posting; Training; Missing meeting minutes on website; Emergency news; Virtual Town Hall under new ownership; invoicing;


PLANNING BOARD REPORT: Master Plan survey data collection; September 6, 2018 meeting;


CODE ENFORCEMENT REPORT: Permit processing; incoming checks; Building permits; ROAD AGENT REPORT: Gravel application; Cedar Park; Grading; Palmer; Piney; Sanborn; Ditch work; Dust control; Tibbets Hill wash outs; Cottle HIll; Pike Brook; Tumbledown; Holden Engineering Lack of communication; Bridge project budgeting; Paving: 80,360.00; 77,102.00; FR Carroll Paving; Paving timelines relative to temperature; Sunday Paving; Culvert replacement;


CONSERVATION COMMISSION REPORT: Moose Mountain Regional Greenways presentation regarding conservation easements;


HERITAGE COMMISSION REPORT: September 19, 2018 upcoming meeting;


CEMETERY TRUSTEES REPORT: Member resignation; Member appointment;


MOTION: Surette: To appoint Gregg Evans from alternate to member of cemetery trustee..

2ND: Zacher

VOTE: Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-Y;


MOTION: Zacher: To send a letter of appreciation to resigning member: Judy Lewis

2ND: Surette

VOTE: Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-Y;


MOTION: Robisheau: To send a [Road agent letter](no explanation given. [Grader]

2ND: Zacher verbalizes "Yes"

VOTE: Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-Y;


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Reminder: upcoming primary elections are September 11, 2018 at the Town Offices; Polls open at 8:00 am;


OLD BUSINESS: Election coverage; Upcoming ZBA Hearing;


GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL SCHOOL LETTER: September 6, 2018 budget process presentation; Finance committee; cooperative formula; Lakes Region Technology Center;


Brad Williamson repair maintenance; Churchill School House bathroom door knob replacement; Handicapped access; Kiosk repairs;


NHMA legislative conference; September 14, 2018; 9:00am; Concord; 25 Triangle Park; Tax setting training; Webinars; website development agreement details regarding training;


READING OF BILLS: Ossipee Aggregates: 929.74; Gafney Library: 7,000.00; Land Tech: 733.35; NH VNA Hospice: 1,500.00; Gregg Evans: Cemetery Operating expenses: 629.82; Ed Comeau: Master Plan Survey printing and mailing: 686.82; Attorney: Donahue Tucker: 546.00; Eversource: 126.48; 15.89; Granite state stamps: Notary: 42.50; Tens Construction: 12,527.50; Work: 8/11- 8/25;


MOTION: Robisheau: To approve all bills read into the record...

2ND: Surette

VOTE: Zacher-Y; Robisheau-Y; Surette-Y;


OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS: Town House lawn maintenance; Tom Hill: Compensation; 2 Hours;


OTHER COMMENTS: Road Maintenance budget; July 31, 2018; 103,000.00; Charter communications; Attorney Miller: [cable agreement]; Contract details; free access to municipal offices cable; Survey questions; Palmer Drive letter: encroachment into right of way; Weeks Letter;


Chair Robisheau adjourns meeting 7:34 pm

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