Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | July 9, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Selectmen: Brian Robisheau, Rick Surette ,Richard Zacher convened this meeting at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. This meeting began at 6:30 pm. Treasurer: Marilou Maclean, Administrative Assistant: Laurie Champy.

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Call to order; 6:30pm; meeting minutes; June 25, 2019; m2v; Town House shutters; TREASURES REPORT: financial report; DRA form submissions; TAX COLLECTOR REPORT: collected taxes to date; ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: propane bid; PLANNING BOARD: gravel pit inspections; meeting date change; CONSERVATION COMMISSION: Wendy Scribner; UNH; Town Forest;


CONSERVATION COMMISSION: Wendy Scribner; UNH; Town Forestry report; HERITAGE COMMISSION: town bell dedication; Frank Hutchins; ice cream social; folding table purchase; m2v; Frank Hutchins history; Lyford road;


Frank Hutchins history; excelsior business; leather board mill; mill fire; Lyford school; Anne Peavy; First Baptist Church; Wolfeboro Falls; bell inscription;;


Frank Hutchins history; Anne Peavy governess; CEMETERY TRUSTEES: veterans memorial stones; monument foundation bids; Lyford Road; frost foundation; Steve Roy; Rochester; m2v; 50% down payment; ROAD AGENT REPORT: code officer; intent to excavate; grading; raking; dust control; roadside mowing; paving; Pike Brook; Brice Drive; grinding;


ROAD AGENT REPORT: Tumbledown Dick Road; contract signature; REP. BILL NELSON: Rt.109 Wentworth Road intersection; signage; safety concern; ARCHIVIST REPORT: LCHIP Grant denial; Town Book restoration; State Library; Moose Plate grant;


Attic update; parking lot reconditioning; Capital projects: Town house exterior; painting; window caulking; Town Offices: front door painting; NEW BUSINESS: Propane bids; White Mountain Propane; $1.27; m2v; MAIL/ BILLS: intent to excavate; Moose Mountain LLC; Town House shutters; Tens Construction; Mitchel Municipal Group; PV Brook Wood Working;


BILLS: Town Clerk annual conference; GWRSD; CMP Home and Property Maintenance; Consolidated communications; Telephone; Ossipee aggregates; Primex discount; Brad Williamson; Bell Rope; event costs; Bell Dedication; Holy Rosary Credit Union; m2v; Adjourned; quorum maintained; Town Clerk convention costs; statutory requirements; Town internal audit filing requirements;


BILL SIGNING: Effingham transfer station; paychecks; Bell dedication event; Ice cream social; Forestry wood; Carroll County Commission; Comeau v. Carroll County; Ice cream;


Ice cream social; Town Attorney Deeds interpretation; County propane bid amounts; propane; Letter to Cate's Lane property owners; Comeau v. Carroll County; Gravel pit inspections; Intent to excavate forms; Lot 11 access; Kingswood Lake access;


Intent to excavate; Reference maps; Dust control; Brice Drive Paving; Road paving fund balance; road prep work; Roberts Road extension; 2nd phase to Holly; North Point; upland study; NHDES; Tier 2; box culvert installation;


Box culvert installation; dust control application; Brice drive; updated road policy document; Class 6 roads; Jenness Road; Jenness Farm Road; North Wakefield Road; [Robisheau] exits- loss of quorum; End

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