Brookfield Selectmen Meeting | August 13, 2019

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Meeting Notes

The Selectmen: Brian Robisheau, Rick Surette ,Richard Zacher convened this meeting at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd. This meeting began at 6:30 pm. Treasurer: Marilou Maclean, Administrative Assistant: Laurie Champy.

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Encrypted analysis: YutRlduDRUqLPh6SWlfa7U8UkithaTEc


ROLL: Robisheau; Zacher; Surette: absent;


MOTION: Robisheau, to accept and approve the meeting minutes from 7/22/19

SECOND: Zacher

VOTE: Robisheau Y; Zacher Y; Surette: AB


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Internet accessibility; franchise agreements; legal representation status; Ossipee internet; Spectrum; Wolfeboro Metrocast; Camp Pierce; Carroll County Broadband Initiative; Vermont; internet/ phone; utility pole connection points; Atlantic Broadband; cable coverage area; Real estate values; Senator Shaheen; multiple providers; Pleasant Valley Road; changing technology; 5G;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Kingswood Lake Access; legal analysis; petition warrant article verbiage; DRA website; required signature totals; State owned land Lot 19; Lot 11; private road; multiple petition warrant articles; February 5, 2020;


PUBLIC COMMENT: Setting tax rates; valuations; DRA;


TREASURERS REPORT: Valuation report filings; DRA; Town Forest revenue projection; expenses; MS4;


PLANNING BOARD UPDATE: #comeau; Posting error; cancelled meeting; next meeting 8/19/19 at 7:00 pm.


CONSERVATION COMMISSION: Donated access gate; Royal's property; reflectors; night time visibility; locked gate; key control;


HERITAGE COMMISSION: #maclean; Annual barbecue attendance 2019; Rick Surette; Brookfield History; murder of Susan A. Hanson; 1874; Lyford Clark Roads; patriot newspaper; Joeseph B. Buzzwell; breach of promise to marry; 1875 murder trial; Joseph W. Cook; Charles Colbath; Harmony Grove Cemetary; hanging; Ossipee courthouse; Moose Mountain Governor's Road;


ROAD AGENT: #nason; Tumble Down Dick Road paving; aprons installation; Pike Brook Road; NHDES letter re: alleged hydraulic fluid spill;


FOREST MANAGEMENT: $1,300.00 firehose grant funds;


ROAD AGENT: #nason; Compensation process; billing process; Selectmen approval requirement; setting precedence; manifest process; Town office parking lot;


TOWN HOUSE RESTORATION PROJECT UPDATE: Painting; siding; windows; bids; plaster; warrant articles; trust funds; Old Town House window;


TIMBER MONITOR POSITION: Accessory clerk; site visitation; site assessment; free of charge; #nason;


BILLS AND MAIL: White Mountain Oil; town clerk office heater repair; Long-meadow; Rod Wood charges (assessing); TENS construction; Northeast Document; Veterans monuments; Ossipee aggregates; town house painting; third coat cedar shakes; GWRSD tax bill; Tri County Cap; S&P; consolidated; phone system repairs; NH Governor Finance Officers Association Dues; Primex; workmans comp. credit; Porter Office Machines; first aid kits; [White Mountain Oil billing removed from acceptance motion and vote];


MOTION: Zacher, to accept bills read into the record (41:37) with the exception of White Mountain Oil.

SECOND: Robisheau

VOTE: Robisheau Y; Zacher Y; Surette: AB


BILLS AND MAIL: GENERAL DISCUSSION: Clerks Office Heater; Issuing checks; paving contract payments; request for quote (RFQ); Tumble Down Dick Roadwork; Berm; check #1; $44,000.00; Pike Brook Road; Brice Drive; Mail: fax; Highway block funds reduction; calendar year/ fiscal year;


MOTION: Zacher, meeting adjourned: 7:23 pm

SECOND: non debatable.

VOTE: Robisheau Y; Zacher Y; Surette: AB

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