Effingham Selectmen Meeting | February 23, 2016

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Effingham NH Selectmen meeting from 2/23/16. The Selectmen: Timothy Eldridge, Lawrence Edwards and Henry Spencer convene there meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham, NH and this meeting began at 5:00 pm.

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Encrypted analysis: vsph0uuGMp9dokYrT1ECkcgsIv55gerR


Review and acceptance of February 16, 2015; Motion and vote;


Manifest total 25,772.28 motion and vote;


Public comment; Steven's road bridge; Process of State engineer involvement; preliminary informal designs; Town Government processes;


Public comment; Elm Street unpaved portion; holes in road; paved portion; Frost heave signage; cold patch;


Public comment; Select Board Communications;


Supervisor of the Checklist; additions; corrections; Town Clerk announcement regarding ballot listings;


Action Folder: Statewide Homeland Security Test;


Emergency call report;


Transfer station injury; ice; report; workman compensation; Insurance claim interview; Date change due to upcoming weather; Resolution of insurance claim; Request to release the damaged firetruck;


Planned discussion: Fire- Rescue Department; Mini pumper; May 12; Contract; Salesmen; Agreement 270 calendar days till delivery; [Discussion] ;Thermal imager damaged during accident; Accident Report; State Police report timeline;


Selectmen comments and reports; Frost heave signs; installation schedule; Temperatures;


Water heater electrical wiring at transfer station; Dry hydrant; Stevens Road; [process of notification]; Road turnoff to access water at hydrant;


Recent power failure; Non working emergency lights; test schedule; Generator;


Tree removal from power lines; Pine River Road; sink hole; River Road;


Comment and Reports; [Spencer] make comment regarding over spending the road budget; 24,000 over budget; Requesting that Selectmen [Edwards] public share responsibility for the overage; Process of repairing road wash outs; RSA's; Unpredictable weather events; State Law and the timeline for repairing washouts or other road hazards;


Stevens Road Bridge; Cost analysis; Engineering costs; Bacon Engineering fees; Culvert installation; Mitchy Corp precast; $161,425; Earthwork Costs; Crane; Geo engineering fees; NHDOT;


Speeding on School Street; Report update; [Public: speed bumps]


Town meeting sound setup; Audience microphone;


Frost sign installation; Cold Patching; One road person rather then two;


Public comment; Dry hydrant easements; Road Deficiency State Statutes; Warning signage; Elm Street; Safe guarding roads from heavy vehicles; Postings; Town House Road; Ice Road Truckers; Exemptions; Process for granting exceptions;


Public comment; Protecting Town Roads from heavy vehicles; Mud season; High watch traffic; Fuel Truck exemptions; Green Mountain Addiction Services; Issuing waver process;


Stevens Road; 161,425; 98,00; 150,000; Undesignated funds; reducing requested amount at Town Meeting; Taxation; Which account to pull from; [Public: "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face, or shoot yourself in the foot"]


Public comment: Town political process; Governmental process of voting and making decisions as a Select Board;


[Mr. Potter] Comments regarding the present dysfunction of the political process; State Government Dysfunction; Carroll County high taxation; Expresses that [he] would not want to swap Effingham residents for "those" professional politicians; As Ben Franklin said: "We should surely hang together or we each will hang separately"

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