Effingham Selectmen Meeting | April 12, 2016

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Meeting Notes

Welcome to the Effingham NH Selectmen meeting from 4/12/16. The Selectmen: Leonard Espie, Lawrence Edwards and Henry Spencer convene there meetings at the Effingham Municipal Offices, 68 School Street, Effingham, NH and this meeting began at 5:00 pm.

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Review of and approval of previous meeting minutes from April 6, 2016;


Public comment; Follow up regarding a dilapidated house;


Stuffed animal collection box; Municipal Office; Library; Gravel Road maintenance; CPR Classes; Friends of Mountain View; Just Deserts Event; Annual clean up day; April 30, 2016; Conservation Commission annual roadside cleanup; picnic; Effingham History event; April 15, 2016; refreshments without charge; Effingham 160 years of schools;


Chris Fournier, PE; Vice President/ Lead Structural Engineer; HEB Engineers; Granite Road Bridge; NH Bridge fund process;


Old Business; Primex contract; Selectmen sign; Contract read into the record; Loss mitigation agreement; Motion and vote; 2nd; unanimous;


Silent poor; appointments; Trustees; Motion Espie; 2nd-(implied) Edwards; unanimous;


Old Business; granite posts; Transfer station parking lot run off; Cost; re- ditching; date set for site walk; April 22, 2016; 9:00 am;


Municipal building fund; Transfer Station work; Municipal Budget operations; Municipal buildings budget line; costs; parking lot water run off mitigation; setting completion date; May 2016;


DES approval; WS Cole; Sounding; Stevens Road Bridge; Core Sampling; insurance certificates; W-9; 10-99; creation of work files; Bacon; Stony Ridge; Ziegler Surveying; Library project survey; RFP Stevens Road Culvert;


Appointment for alternate to Planning Board; swearing in; Oath of office; LRPC appointment; action items within agenda; process;


Municipal Building pellet boiler malfunctions; annual maintenance fees; monitoring unit; pellets damaged during resupply; 1,400$; Library; road sweeping; use of blower;


Right of way tree removal ;


Friends of Provence Lake Association meeting; Date; time; location; erosion mitigation; grant funding oKp3mcOgCgmWndXRSyy8vaCV0cXYlDLm; meeting minutes; April 23, 2016; Water quality; 3-5:30 pm;


Road contract details; review of; public versus non public; telephone monitoring;


CiP; Pine River Rd culvert;


Public comments; dead tree removal; Eversource tree trimming; gravel road condition after recent rain event; leaf blower usage to clear debris from road ditches; Library parking lot cleaning; protecting lawn and landscape foliage from sand contamination; Stump clearing; walking path; GoFundMe website; RSA regarding registered vehicles; Ossipee highway department performance; Work session public comments and reactions; Conversation regarding 4 prices for cast culverts; Mitchy; bidding process; over 15,000$; who writes the RFP's; legal reviews; Municipal Road culvert templates; performance measures; summer road contract details; per hour agreement;


Emergency management; generators; Rt 16 twin bridge repairs;


Work session begins; Town of Strafford; publicizing bids; trade journals; contract review; oversight engineering; surveys; structural plans; hydraulic studies; stream bank stabilization; dry hydrants; DES; bid requests for culvert; insurance; project funding; bid security;


Recap; workman's compensation; 10-99;


RFP drafting process; DES approvals; Google Selectmen calendar; General discussion regarding roads, bridge repair;

Past Effingham Selectmen Meetings